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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Mahdi on 60 Minutes

I watched it and there were no softball questions from Pelley, he was pitching Randy Johnson fast hardballs, in fact the Mahdi complained that he was being interogated CIA style. He ducked and dodged and repeated MoveOn talking points, What a joke, smiles and lies through his teeth to the infidel, the new darling of the moonbats.
I also see that the Kos kidz are having a lovefest for him.(hattip:LGF)

Of course Allah Pundit at HotAir is all over it and has the transcript linked.


Phil said...

It figures that the Kos kidz and the Moron.Org people were doing cartwheels over this Tyrant, sure sign that it's not really peace that these nutroot leftist are really interested in isn't it, they just don't want their Commie Liberal heroes destroyed it seems to me.

Their little lies all about people being killed in Iraq while true there are but most of them are the Terrorist but you don't hear that from the Commie Leftist, no their just out there shouting peace and that is not the real agenda at all.
Interesting how it's so easy to see right through their little agenda isn't it.

Goat said...

Yes it is Phil, we just have to expose them in the right way, gently and mocking. I am working with another blogger, Donald at Burkean Reflections on a Blog Watch to expose the lefties for what they are, you might want to join us.

Seth said...

It figures that the portsiders would be enamored of the mutt. He has a lot in common with them, as evidenced by the interview.

Even when the interviewer suggests that the appropriate replies to "yes" and "no" questions are "yes" and "no", Ahmadmanjihad substitutes his tangential propaganda output for the requested Ys or Ns.

Since we know that our people in Iraq have turned up Iranian weapons there and have even snared one of the Iranian military officers responsible -- of which Ahmadmanjihad must, being the president of his country, be well aware, we can conclude that he was in a sterling position to answer the Y or N question regarding same with the appropriate single word reply.

Even more simply, he could also have answered the Y/N question, in either of the single word options, about an Iranian response to a two-state agreement between Israel and the "Palestinians".

What made me shake my head the most was the way he always responded to inconvenient questions by reminding Pelley that the interviewer was a reporter, not a politician. I can only imagine the travails that would beset an Iranian reporter after asking the same questions.

As far as the content of his "thoughts", as he called them, was concerned, they were great samples of "taqiyya" -- as you mentioned in this excellent post, Goat, lying to infidels is an acceptable practice according to Islamic scripture.

It gauls me to no end that this specimen is being permitted to place the bottoms of his feet on U.S. soil. If only there were some quicksand at Turtle Bay...