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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Democrat Candidates In Iowa Today:Updated

They are at a Sen. Harkin fundraiser and steak fry. I will update as they speak.

Barak Obama:"If we are going to get the things we want we need a change of politics" What change would that be Mr. Obama, socialism?

Bill Richardson: Though its tough to follow BO, Bill Richardson promises every moonbat dream talking point, from Kyoto, to pulling out the troops, to gay marriage, to universal healthcare.

Hillary: Ouch that voice hurts, I am sure she is going to try out left the other two. Barack got louder cheers at the start. Dang, my ears are starting to bleed. "The era of cowboy diplomacy is over", yea we will run away and hide. She hits on the facilities at Walter Reed, does she not know the facilities are maintained by gov't unions not the Military? Is that the kind of healthcare you plan for us Mamma Hillary? Labor union pandering, universal healthcare, "We have to reform our Gov't" Into what Hillary, a socialist republic? She's awful on the stump but she has a sizable contingent in the audience.

Chris Dodd: I am going to out left the other guys. He does talk more about his accomplisments and serving the Country than the others have. He's not just reading a littany of moonbat promises. He hits on some of them though its more of a pep talk for the Dems. "I am going to restore The Constitution" by what Sen., stripping us of our defense against terrorists? Collective bargaining a right, I don't think socialism is in the Constitution Sen.. Good crowd reaction.

John Edwards: The Silky Pony Pink Saphire got the biggest cheers yet. I am going to outleft the other guys with my two America's class warfare. He of the $500 haircuts and 28,000 square foot Mansion. More change talk, to socialism of course. I can add big to change better than the other guys, geez. Trial lawyer to take on the big corporations, in other words capitalism and the free market. He mandates healthcare, renounce the taxcuts to pay for it. Global warming hooey, I wonder how much CO2 this rally produced, there sure has been alot of hot air. Worst economy since the Great Depression, what? Pander, Pander Pander to the unions by guaranteeing them a job. Biggest cheers so far, he has Iowa in the caucus.

Joe Biden: This oughta be fun, Joe is always a hoot. He gets serious, talks about how to end the war, afraid it might land in their hands in '09 so lets run away now. The Democrats have put themselves into quite a pickle over the war thats for sure, retreat and be blamed for the chaos that will bring or stick it out for victory and anger their loser base. This is on Cspan and our enemies are watching as well. Wow Joe usually rambles forever.

One thing is for sure we will have a very stark difference in the candidates to choose from come next November.

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