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Monday, September 24, 2007

Watch "The War" On PBS

I missed the first installment but will watch the rest of the series, it is well done and honest, imagine if we were able to unite like that again behind an effort against our enemy. I had two Uncles involved and have Mom's stories, one wearing Silver and Bronze and Purple in his grave. He survived the beaches of Dday and the march to Berlin and helped liberate the death camps of Nazi Germany, he saw the horror. He refused to talk about it because of the sheer brutality of what he saw.
He went on to work for NASA and the Apollo Project in Huntsville, quite a treat for a fascinated kid to get very guided tours during the Apollo Project, no wonder I like Star Trek, etc, LOL. I have sat in an Apollo Space Module that had been in space, pretty cool.
Can we bring it back together under our Constitution? I don't think, I know we can! I don't think the Iranian puppet knows who he messing with, setting fire to the so called "paper tiger's tail", heh.

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