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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Willing Suspension Of Disbelief

(Hattip: HotAir)
Hillary calls the General a liar in so many words and this woman wants to be POTUS and Commander in Chief. This shows how she would treat the military should she get elected. Add this to the Democrats silence on the Moveon.org 'Betray us ad' in the NYT. I guess if they were to condemn Moveon their fund raising would dry up with Hsu and other fundraisers getting busted for channeling dirty money to Hillary, she's had to return almost 1 million bucks already.

AllahPundit also has linked to a piece that calls the recent OBL tape a highly edited version of previous ones, he had already pointed out a couple splices and that for most of it is just a still picture especially when OBL? talks of current events. I for one think he is and has been worm food for a while now otherwise that media hog would have been all over the airwaves touting our supposed failures in Iraq and Afganistan every few weeks to rally his forces.


Donald Douglas said...

This is an interesting YouTube. She does use the "willing disbelief" phrase, a euphemism for "your report is a bunch of baloney," to put it nicely.

Thanks...I might have another Clinton post in the works for tomorrow, and I'll link back here if I post the C-Span video.

Great work!

Tom the Redhunter said...

I listened to some of the hearings Tuesday. I caught Biden, Hagel, and Feingold, but when it got to Boxer I just couldn't take it anymore.

Biden is a blowhard, and Hagel wants to be a Democrat. Feingold was the most rude, constantly interrupting Petraeus and Crocker. Boxer is just an idiot.

I tuned in again to see McCain, and he stood tall in a Congress of Lilliputians.

It was just as well I didn't hear Clinton.

Trader Rick said...

Hillary is going to be a formidable opponent for those of us who want to see victory in the Global War on Islamo-fascism.

defiant_infidel said...

HA! I just had asked you in a response to your comment at my place , if you had heard what she said... and here it is! I should have known you would be as floored by her heresy as I was. I have never felt so surrounded by evil in all my life. Well done and appropriate post!