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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eagles Vs the Turkey Buzzards:Updated: Fake Photo Removed

Update: I bought into a photoshop job on the Code Pinkos, and have removed the photo, it was too easy to believe it knowing the pinkocrats, just as Dan Rather bought into those too good to be true memos. Just check the real pictures linked below and the pinko message is still the same, the picture was fake but very accurate. We do not need to photoshop them to discredit them, just post the truth.
Update: Tom at the RedHunter has more pics and commentary from the ground
Update: Michelle has some Eagles vs. turkey buzzards comparison pictures posted, the difference couldn't be more stark.
From NZ Bear

The photo that was previously here is a photoshop, but as the left likes to say about Rathergate, fake but true. Code Pinkos support the killing of our troops by their very actions enboldening the enemy, just listen to what Bin Laden said in his last missive
. Thanks to T for pointing that out.

NZ Bear has loads of pictures posted at the Victory Caucus from the big "Peace March" in DC and they say it all, a motly but colorful collection of Pinkos, communists, socialists and aging hippies and their signs prove it. I haven't seen anything comparing numbers yet but If I do I will post them. Michelle Malkin kept her blog updated with commentary and other links, she heard reports of eggs being thrown at the Gathering of Eagles.
Look at the Democrat's base, it can't be helping their image very much, lets dress up like idiotic fools and go march in a parade to hurl invectives and promote socialism. These are the folks that put the Democrats into office and hopefully will sicken enough normal folks that the Dems can't hold those offices.
Update: Spree at Wake Up America has a great roundup of The Gathering of Eagles and turkey buzzards/vultures.
A comment from my resident troll, he lives under the bridge and he tried to come out today, my tag, Goat, did come from Aesop's fable. "i'm in complete agreement with code pink.KEvron". This is a vile troll keep him under the bridge my friends.
PS: Welcome to the Barnyard visitors from Spreeville!


Jack's Shack said...

I don't care whether you support the war or not, marching with a banner that calls for the death of American troops goes beyond the pale.

KEvron said...

i'm in complete agreement with code pink.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Well, KEvron, I just had the pleasure of visiting your thoughtful website.

Why am I not surprised to find that you come from San Francisco?

Why am I not surprised to find the very first posting on your site wishing us all "happy new year" on the anniversary of 9/11?

Why am I not surprised to find that you are someone who is proud of themselves for supporting those demonstrators who carried a banner stating that it was all right to "murder our soldiers"?

Why, finally, am I not surprised to discover that you are a self-important little twit with all of the sensitivity and intelligence of a cannonball?

My final comment about your comment is that I hope you die rather quickly.

Goat said...

Roger, I don't want him to die ,I want him to suffer in a free society that exposes brainless twits for what they are.

Goat said...

Roger, I will link a blog, not your business, no free advertising beyond the comment link and for that I need to be linked from your site,

radarsite said...

Goat, my friend, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. That IS my blog. I don't HAVE a business. I'm retired.

Goat said...

Rodger, many apologies, that ain't where my browser sent me the first time. Links up!

radarsite said...

Goat -- That's OK. I just sent you an email. It was probably my fault. I probably typed in the wrong letters. It wouldn't be the first time I've done something like that.
When I hit my name above my comment it sent me to some other website too.
Anyway, this is all pretty funny considering that about the last thing I would want right now is a "business". I'm having too much fun being lazy.

Love your site and I'll be back.
Unless you keep insulting me -- he-he-he
Best wishes,

T said...

Kevron, disgusting!

Goat, how sad that photograph is! It is horrible! Thank you for posting it. This will go a long way to truly depict who the left really hates.

I've linked your site so all that read it will make the right decision to support our troops.

Goat said...

Welcome to the Barnyard all! I got the picture from the Defiant InFidel.

Goat said...

Roger, stop by as often as you want, glad to meet you!

Goat said...

And the moonbats present themselves center stage for all to see!

Joe Kelly said...

Can you say "agent Provacatur"?

this has already been exposed many times by the Bush admin, and even police departments have been caught trying to provoke crowds to violence! And using a sign like that would provoke some people i am assuming looking at all of the post!

But, there are some dumb people that think like that.

I am not in support of the war or the Bush admin.

I am neither left wing or right wing(i am not an extremist). I am for the Eagle.

Ron Paul 08

Goat said...

Problem with Dr. Paul, he is a defeatist, he wants us to lose the war by withdrawing prematurely.

Goat said...

Hey Kev, I get an audible when someone posts here, you can waste your time if you want but I will just delete it immediately.

Goat said...

Gee, Kev, you're so smart, all I gotta do is click a button to turn you off, later freak.

MaroonedinMarin said...

Goat: Great site you have. Thanks for coming by my site and I've linked you in my blogroll.

Goat said...

Thanks Marooned, nice place to be marooned. Welcome to the Barnyard out here in the hot dusty valley.

Amy P said...

That Code Pink photo is a photoshop. It seemed pretty obvious to me. They try to keep the illusion going that they support the troops and would never come right out with those sentiments.

KEvron is an a-hole. He has nothing to say that anyone cares about so he has to hitch his wagon to the Pink Code star, even if it isn't real. It's pretty sad.

Goat said...

Amy, that's why I pulled it as soon as I heard, we have plenty of legit pics to discredit them with.