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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Stumbles Into The Race: Updated with Video

So Fred Thompson is finally in the race and does a very poor job of finally declaring his now almost dead candidacy, like I said before I don't think he wants the job or is up to it. I don't think he could take it, he has gotten too used to the posh, easy life of Hollywood. Why the hype for Fred as the conservative saviour? I will never get it with his record in the Senate being more McCain-lite without McCain's heroic background than conservative, McCain-Feingold, amnesty, weak going after Democrats ethical lapses, voted against impeachment of Clinton and much more.

His stump speeches are gloomy, dull affairs with little sparkle and as I heard from his Iowa appearance today, gave a 45 minute speech to a very small crowd that wowed noone, worked the crowd for just a few minutes then disappeared. Where Rudy and Mitt will talk for a few minutes take questions then work the crowd to shake hands and take pictures, retail politics at its best and they are darn good at it, as is Mike Huckabee and John McCain. Plus and this is not nice but he does not look hale and hearty, he looks very old, tired, sick and after losing weight, frail, where John McCain is still very fiesty and energetic and Fred is younger I believe.

He also has zero executive experience an important quality in the GOP and to the electorate in general. McCain was at least a leader/officer in the Military. Fred has about as much qualification for POTUS as we like to point out about Barak Obama or John Edwards. He was a weak Senator and made a living as an actor or faker as I like to call them. I know Reagan was an actor but he lived conservative politics and was a successful popular Governor of our largest state and from what I have gathered Fred hates politics and the process of it with little patience.

To top it off the reports coming from former, original Fred Heads and exstaffers are not very good, looks like he made promises he couldn't keep and messed up a few personal lives in the process. Right now after doing my research Fred is one percentage point ahead of Ron Paul in my book and behind Sam Brownback. Take it as you will but I have to report it as I have found it. He is not the happy warrior but just a gloomy sourpuss with a great voice for reading scripts.I too would rather sit on a couch and be asked about being wrinkly by Jay Leno than stand at a podium for 90 minutes being grilled by Brit and Chris.

Mitt returns serve with new ad in South Carolina entitled "Energy"

(Hattip:Hot Air)

Update: Michelle Malkin on a Fred staffer, Spencer Abraham.
and Debbie Schlussel has more on the open border islamist sympathizer Abraham.

Hot Air has audio of Laura Ingraham interview with Fred on McCain-Feingold and illegal immigration votes in Senate.


Goat said...

Someone please explain to me how Fred is the conservative saviour for the GOP and not just a washed up dish rag.

Trader Rick said...

Methinks you protest a bit too much, Goat. What are you afraid of? If Fred is so inept and pathetic, why even bother dissing him, hmmmm? Is it because he is ahead of your precious Rino in the polls?

In any event, whoever the nominee is, even if it's a left winger like Gulianananiii, we must get behind him to defeat the Socialist Team of Clinton & Clinton...

Goat said...

I agree with that final sentiment 100% that is why I want our strongest team possible, Rick. One reason I am not complaining about the long vetting season. I don't like what I am finding out about Fred under the hype machine he ain't what most think he is, a conservative bastion, the man behind the Voice. Mitt and Rudy at least have records of accomplishment at the executive level. What has Fred done, read from a script someone else wrote? He has a false aura around him that disturbs me.

Gayle said...

I thought I left a comment here this morning???

Oh well, obviously I don't have that same take on Fred that you do, Goat. His record shows he's strong on gun control and he's also anti-abortion. I think he'll do his best to control the border and keep us safe. But like Trader Rick said, I'd vote for any Republican in order to keep a Democrat out of the White House. I can also change my mind, possibly even two or three times before the election. Why not? The Democrats do it all the time! It's going to depend on Fred and a lot will depend on the October debate. I don't feel like you do that he was afraid of a debate. If so, this would have been the wrong thing to do. I think he's going to get more attention during the next debate than he would have otherwise and that is exactly what he wants. I believe this is purely strategy on his part. He's making himself the focus of more attention, not less, and he'll be under a lot more pressure than he would have otherwise been. That's just my take on it, Goat, and I know that. It's obviously still to be proven.

By the way, I wouldn't have a problem voting for Romney, Huckabee, or even any of the rest of them except Ron Paul. I would be worried about McCain but would vote for him if necessary.


Goat said...

Gayle, it is also the fact that Spencer Abramson is on his staff, a La Raza open borders, Islamist sympathizer,that bothers me alot. Fred was delaying as long as he could hoping to avoid the scrutiny with the hype.

Goat said...

OOPs Spencer Abraham.