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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'll Never Drink Miller Beers Again

I don't anyway but especially not after their sponsorship of the Folsom St. Fair with is a celebration of the most disgusting hedonistic counter-culture practices held in San Francisco. To make matters even worse the organizers desecrated "The Last Supper" painting with an advertising poster pictured above. Michelle has more details.

When last I wrote about Miller Beer, the company was cluelessly sponsoring illegal alien protests and spinning furiously. Doesn’t look like they learned to stay away from radical politics. Miller went ahead and sponsored the “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco…billed as the “world’s largest leather event.”

Here’s the Catholic-denigrating promotional poster for the Miller-backed fair via CNSNews.com, depicting the Last Supper as a gathering of S&M enthusiasts:

This is another part of the Democrat base.
Oh what has happened to the City on the Bay? My parents met there when The Officer's Club was the place to go, years before the hippies, sexual deviants and homeless took over. The Military is nolonger welcome and I won't take Mom there now when she visits.


Phil said...

I will quite often drink German Lager or Dark Beer. I have never liked Miller Beer, it's too weak. I like a lot of kick in my beers.

Goat said...

I do love a pint or more of good ale, we have some great micro-breweries out here.

Goat said...

Great thread for a discussion on other beers to drink besides Miller. I'll take a good India Pale Ale anyday as my hands down favorite or a good Red.

Phil said...

Well my second favorite beer would have to be Guinness Extra Stout.

Goat said...

Guiness and its pale cousinn Bass have long been favorites here thogh now I buy local.