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Friday, September 14, 2007

Just Another Clinton Scandle

From today's Patriot Post Digest, Clinton may be called to testify in a criminal trial, ouch if you're a Democrat. More ammuntion for us in the general, more proof why we can't let this woman and her husband antwhere near the Whitehouse again.

If having to explain away Norman Hsu weren't bad enough, Hillary Clinton may have to testify in the California Court of Appeals in a lawsuit filed by Hollywood producer Peter Paul. Paul filed a lawsuit against the Clintons and two of their associates claiming that the former President reneged on an agreement to be a rainmaker for Paul's Internet venture if Paul produced a fundraiser for Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign. Paul claims to have Mrs. Clinton on videotape agreeing to help plan the August 2000 event.

The Clinton Senate campaign has already paid a $35,000 fine to the FEC for not properly reporting the money raised at that event. Now, if Paul's videotape holds up in court, Clinton could be in bigger trouble for having a direct hand in the planning. The fundraiser would then be defined as a hard-money donation that is more than a thousand times the legal limit for an individual donation.

In a 2006 written statement submitted to the California court, Clinton maintained that she did not recall having such a conversation with Paul. If she is called upon to testify during this appeal, it will be another historic first. No presidential candidate has ever had to appear in a criminal court during their campaign. Trailblazing, indeed.

Geez, with that couple we get ethics problems and sex scandles combined, what more could you want? Add a hatred for the Military and love for socialism to the mix and you have the perfect Democrat for POTUS, Go Hillary.

On a related note Hizz'oner Rudy Giulliani took out a full page ad in the NYT ripping Hillary and Moveon, smart move, Rudy is a very savvy campaigner and understands how to use the MSM. Boom, that was the warning shot across the bow of the Madame Hillary, he's ready for her.


American Interests said...

Bookmarked! Loved that You Tube slice...


Goat said...

I will add you, Ottavio, and welcome to the Barnyard, glad to have an Aussie chime in on occasion.

Trader Rick said...

How can half the American people be blind to this???

Goat said...

Because they are more concerned about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and ill-informed by a biased media.