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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Senate Gasbags Take On The General And The Ambassador: Updated

What a grandstanding bunch those Senators are, geez put a camera on them and they can't shutup. I watched some of the General's Testimony before the Senate Armed Forces Comm. today and was quite astounded by the idiotic buffoonery of members of both parties and these people run the country, ouch. They weren't asking Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker any questions, they were giving talking points speeches and preening for the camera and when they did ask one it was invariably: what is the date of our defeat and pullout by the dems and what is the date of victory and pullout by a couple of the reps like Hagel, Lugar and Collins. Sen Barbara Boxer from my poor state gave the moonbat address that was a Moveon.org talking points memo that ran so long the Gen. was asked to submit his own reply in writing, I'd rather a Gen. Patton response to that drivel, Petraeus is to classy for the correct response. Lots of complaining about the Iraqi government not getting anything done, I guess they haven't looked at our own gov't lately, yea the one run by the "more competent" Democrats. What have they done the last 8 months, besides trying to lose the war and naming a few buildings? Sen. McCain did himself well, as could be expected, asked more good questions than all the dems combined.
Hey GOP, they are giving us mountains of campaign material to use, between them, Moveon, the Code Pinkos, Osama and the mad Mullahs of Iran and Afgan/Pak. There is no reason we can't retake both houses and keep the Whitehouse in '08 easily. This ain't 1969 and insulting our Patriot Armed Forces is not taken kindly by the people regardless of how they feel about the war. If there is one thing America loves is its winners, so now we have a bunch of losers to point at and they are the Democrats. Heck they even advocate not keeping score in youth sports so there is no loser, sorry, the Democrats are losers pure and simple.
Update: I missed this exchange with Sen. Lindsay Graham, a Reserve JAG Officer and supporter of the war effort. Thanks to the folks at Hot Air, I didn't miss it after all.


Trader Rick said...

The democrats in congress are despicable traitors. I've been watching politics since the early sixties, and this bunch have no equals in terms of being evil people, and they showed their true colors in these hearings.

Goat said...

Yes they have Rick and now is time to use it against them.