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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vietnam Memorial Desecrated: Updated

Michelle Malkin has the details and a roundup of other blogger reacts. Yes folks the people/person that did this are the Democrat base, despicable.
Spree at Wake Up America has a run down of other Memorials around the country that have also been defaced recently, some damaged badly. Yep thats the way to show your love and support for the troops, right. Maybe we need the equivalent of London's Tower Guards to protect our Memorials to those that have made the ultimate sacrafice so that we and others around the world can be free. This just burns me up, freakin jackasses.

Update: Ronald Winter at Human Events looks at the media blackout and relative quiet from the Park Service. It was Free Republic that broke the story when some freepers noticed and got video and pictures, way to go guys!


spree said...

I know your frustration, believe me. Thank you for the link.

Goat said...

Your Welcome Spree and thanks for stopping by. Thats what us Patriotbloggers are for, to spread the outrage at something like this.

Trader Rick said...

Didn't hear anything about this is the MSM, or did I just miss it?

Goat said...

It probably wasn't there Rick, the MSM is on the hippies' side. If it was reported it would have been by Michelle or Bill O on Fox.