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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spendaholic Congress

The Democrats are up to their old tricks now that they are back in power, at least we have the RSC and folks like Rep. John Campbell R. Ca. and his Green Eye Shade blog to keep the rest of us informed.

I am so disappointed, I thought we were promised the clearest most ethical Congress ever. They must like having an 11% approval rating.


Donald Douglas said...

John Campbell's my Member of Congress. I met him briefly this summer, when I took my son to Congress. Campbell's office set up the visit, and as we were heading to the elevator with the young congressional aide to start the tour, Rep. Campbell was coming down the hall, and he shook hands with everyone in the group.

Great experience, especially for my son.

Goat said...

I thought he might be Don, I like him, a fresh spark plug for reform, not afraid to face down the old bulls. I rarely miss Hugh's show and John is on there fairly often. Wally Herger is my rep. a solid conservative vote but a backbencher, he is a also a member of the RSC. I followed John's race and Bilbray's pretty closely. You have a good rep. my friend.

Goat said...

That must have been realy cool for your son, it would be a great experience to have.

Phil said...

Interesting goat, imagine that we both listen to Hugh the Hewitt. LOL
I kid him anytime I have some free time to call in. Have even talked with Dwayne his producer who also has a blog, I will send that to you in a email some time soon when I can dig that up.