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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Inside the Bidwell Mansion

That is the biggest Southern Magnolia I have ever seen in front and I am from the South.

Gen. Bidwell's main office, it has a backdoor so workers would not have to disturb the Main house. The lighting is authentic to the original gas lighting and flash was not allowed so forgive the dimness of the pictures.
The third floor Ballroom, Annie Bidwell was highly reigious and prohibited dancing so the General put in a billiards table and alot of early California politics took place in this room. He was a Congressman and the town of Chico's founder, ran for Gov. a couple times and President once. The room is ringed with small bedrooms for overflow guests and the Gen.'s small private office.
The VIP suite with a walk through closet to the nursery since it was considered in bad taste to leave your bedroom not dressed in your day clothes.
The first indoor plumbing in California, it was one of the most modern houses of its time.
The main bedrooms each had a sink, for washing purposes.
The Library had a couple oddities.
An Edison talk-a-phone, one of the first recording devices, and still functionable. The wax cylinders used to record on are the can like objects.
A kerosene powered fan, a small flame worked a piston to turn the fan, it gets hot in this part of the valley.
The Parlor, with one beautiful piano.
Looking through the dining room into the parlor, the flags are true to early pictures.
The Kitchen, and I am sure the most modern of its time with indoor plumbing and gas lighting.
Life still wasn't easy, milk still had to be churned for the butter.


Trader Rick said...

We had a small Magnolia in our yard in Clearwater--When in bloom it perfumed the whole yard!

Gayle said...

Gorgeous! I love these old and stately houses that have been well preserved. What a piece of history!

Goat said...

Thanks Gayle, I do too, and since my business has alot to do with these restorations,I have a piqued interest.

Gawfer said...

Great Pics! and great description.

My home schooled kids will see these for sure.