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Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogger Push From The Right For Michelle Malkin

Michelle is less than a hundred behind the Kos kidz at technorati, if you are a member of the Barnyard help give her a shove by linking to her in your posts, we can take No. 1 ! Go Michelle Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love that gal, what a firecrackin tiger she is, just glad she is on our side!!!


Goat said...

Hey all we can make Michelle the number one blog on the net. I can think of few things I would like better than to see Michelle pass the Daily Kos in the blogosphere. Screw you Markos Moulitsas the freight train is coming!

Phil said...

I like Michelle, and if you have seen my most recent post this morning you will see that I am always a one for putting plenty of links in my posts.

Anytime I post any article by Michelle she definitely gets the credit and I always will link to her site giving her the due credit for the article.

I don't copy from one site with out giving credit due to the ones whom created the article.

Just my standards, now one thing is for sure about the Daily Kossacks is that I don't trust them, matter of fact they will do anything that they can to cheat lie and steal.