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Monday, September 10, 2007

Betray Us Democrats Take on General Petraeus: Updated With Video

I knew it it was bound to happen soon, the loonbats of Moveon.org took out a full page ad in the NYT using the childish pun on Gen. Petraeus' good name to slander this incredibly honorable man that has spent his adult life in the service of our country. Then the Code Pinko clowns interrupted the hearings several times and a half-dozen were arrested including momma moonbat herself, Cindy Sheehan. They even looked like clowns in their getups and signs, folks this the Democrat Party today. As Hugh Hewitt put it on his show, Moveon is not a surrogate of the DNC, the DNC is their surrogate and lap puppy, bought and paid for by George Soros and his socialist minions. I hope they keep it up hot and heavy because Americans will just find them awfully corny and get tired of the nonsense and put the GOP back in power.
I have only word the describe the General's testimony, WOW, the same goes for Amb. Crocker. Totally unfased by the surrendercrats idiotic questions that all but called him a liar , they answered with aplomb and a deep well of facts, figures and honest observation from the ground, a place the General has been for three years. The funniest part was Loretta Sanchez lecturing the General out of a book he wrote "The Counterinsurgency Manual", If I were he ,I would have laughed and "I wrote the book Ma'am,thanks for quoting it" . I don't know how he kept his poker face, must play alot it.
Lots of analysis, pictures, liveblogging, transcripts and video links at Townhall blog , the Tank, Michelle Malkin, The Corner, HotAir and quite a few others I am sure, those are just the ones I have been too so far. I did get to see the first half of it myself then I had to go meet with a client.
Courtesy of HotAir a clip of Brit Hume with Gen. Petaeus and Amb. Crocker.

And don't miss this from the Zombie via Hot Air. A must view if there ever was one, talk about fun.


Gayle said...

General Petreaus is a man of extreme class, Goat. I'm afraid I would have been tempted to laugh and say "I wrote that book" too! LOL!

The Code Pink idiots looked exactly like what they are... idiots! I love that they were quickly ejected from the room. I'm also quite grateful I wasn't sitting back there when they started to screech like the moonbats they are. I'm afraid I may have lost it. At times like that I'm afraid I have a hard time being a good Christian! I'm extremely angry with some people who so blithely call themselves Americans and do nothing to earn the priviledge, all the while disrespecting those who keep them safe!

I also watched the good General on Brit Hume last night.

Great post, Goat! HOOAH! :)

Goat said...

Thanks Gayle, did you see that there were only about a dozen protestors at their big rally on the steps? They are now complaining the Democrats won't even meet with them anymore, I wonder why?