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Monday, September 17, 2007

Lunchtime Must Reading: Updated

Bryan Preston, one of Michelle M.'s team, has posted his essay about the rallies Saturday and what he came away thinking. It is a well written and very thoughtful essay and I agree with every word he wrote.

These people represent the hardened anti-war left. They’re well organized by groups like ANSWER and World Can’t Wait that trace their lineages, their ideologies, their organizational skills and their funding straight back to Communist groups. They have the money muscle of George Soros behind them and they get favorable media coverage. Having slipped in among them for a little while Saturday and also during two previous marches, I can tell you that not only do they believe all the nonsense they say — everything from “America is a police state,” said with a straight face while standing on the steps of the Capitol that has crafted policies that these folks oppose, to believing that Bush and Cheney are actual war criminals — they enjoy saying it. The louder and more profane they get, the more they enjoy it. If they can make it a song, all the better. These people love what they’re doing: They love prophesying doom and they love hating me and you and most of their fellow Americans.

Heres the video that Bryan shot. Language alert, they're so cute and creative with their chants. Its worth watching since it is a Hot Air production.

Update: Mark Hemingway at NRO has more narrative and pictures from the moonbat parade/protest.I tell you what, they sure make it easier to make the case for conservatives to mount a comeback as this is the base the Democrats are pandering too.
Update: I almost forgot these two must reads from Hugh Hewitt, here and here where Mitt Romney blasts the UN and Achmandinajad (sp) of Iran. Both are must reads.


Seth said...

Thankfully, one doesn't see this sort of mega-immature behavior nor hear this kind of loud collective profanity in conservative forums.

I would not hesitate for even a second to question not only these people's patriotism, but their mental health as well.

Really great blog. Though we have divided opinions on one or two issues in threads elsewhere, everything here is spot-on!

Goat said...

Thanks Seth, welcome to the Barnyard!

Goat said...

Welcome to the Barnyard blogroll as well.

Seth said...


The Barnyard is in mine, also. :-)