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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Al Qaeda And Its Sickening Brutality

Jeff Emanuel reporting from Samara, where he is imbedded with the Soldiers, tells of the capture of an IED/rape cell leader. The guy bragged about his AQ affiliation and gave graphic details of his cell's operations, beyond the IEDs, they randomly gang raped Iraqi women.

Like their hardline Islamist brethren in other nations – such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia, among others – the Islamic State of Iraq (or “ISI,” the name under which al Qaeda in Iraq has organized itself in this country) has built a reputation not only for committing acts of terrorism and brutality both against its members’ own countrymen and against the coalition, but also for being a proponent of the most medieval, fundamentalist interpretation – and enforcement – of what its leaders claim to be the laws of the Koran.


Gayle said...

Gang raping women would all be in a normal days work for these thugs, Goat. No principals, no value of human life - not even their own - and they think less of women than they do camels or sheep. Disgusting murderous perverts, the entire lot!

Goat said...

It is a main reason the people have rejected them, Gayle. It is looking more like simble gang activity using the AQ name as an excuse for violence.