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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dem Hands In The Wrong Cookie Jar

With GOP corruption and scandal plagued its nice to know that the Democrats are having plenty of problems as well, with the arrest of dozen Dem pols in New Jersey for taking bribes with it likely to widen further. Michelle Malkin is covering it since the MSM won't because its not GOP related, if these were Republicans it would lead every news show. I wonder how fast they will rise through the Dem ranks

Meanwhile if you thought the infamous "bridge to Nowhere" earmark was bad, check out Sen. Diane Feinstien's earmark cutting off a potential 4 bill. dollars for the Veterans Administration to pander to her rich friends in Beverly Hills has got to even more egregious. At least the Wall Street Journal has this in a write up by Kimberly Strassel via Real Clear Politics. Wait till you read the article to get really irritated. Plus she is under ethics investigation for earmarks regarding her husband's business dealings.

Plus we can;t forget William 'cold cash' Jefferson the Louisiana dem caught with 100 grand stored in his freezer in another bribery investigation. Harry Reid also has a few shady land deals under belt. It is upto us bloggers to keep these stories out there in front of the people, we know their MSM won't.

Hillary has the fire , http://hotair.com/archives/2007/09/08/hsu-and-the-shrimp-boy/


Trader Rick said...

Goat, how can you be so hard on Cold Cash Jefferson! I thought it was only 90 thousand. you be unfair, man!!

Trader Rick said...

I see your comments are now unmoderated, so I can say anything I want, at least for awhile. I think Mitt Ronmey was cruel to his dog. Go GAtors! Go Bulls! Nick Saben Smells Funny. Jesse Jackson is mean-spirited. Speaking of Jacksons what ever happened to Michael?

Goat said...

LOL, whats the matter afraid the Tide will Roll again?

Goat said...

Didn't Mchael convert to Islam so he could play with little boys?