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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hillary Could And Can Win

Ronald Reagan's campaign manager in '84, Ed Rollins thinks so if the GOP rolls over and lets her. He has penned an insightful article from years as a GOP insider and we should listen to him and Newt Gingrich when he says going after her negatives won't be enough to beat her. We have to have the right ideas and candidate whether it is Mitt, Rudy or Fred. The way Ed puts it its a poker match and she's holding three aces and we haven't even looked at our cards and need to draw a straight.

I won't deal with who is going to be the Rep nominee. It is a race that is extremely close and a few capable candidates have real chances of being the nominee. But in view of the history Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate in years and is not only going to be the democratic nominee; she can be elected President. I am not happy about that, but those are the facts.

And Republicans and conservatives better wake up to those facts. Underestimating her appeal or her campaign team and over focusing on her negatives, is not smart. I repeat she can win and we better start working on ways to beat her. The first Republican President, I worked for instructed me on all that matters in Presidential elections, the Electoral College. That man, Richard Nixon, always kept a yellow pad somewhere in or on his desk with two columns listed on it. In one column were states he thought he could win. The other column listed states he thought he could lose. He looked at it daily and discussed it with whoever was around him. No domestic decision was ever made that he didn't look at those states and figure out which ones might be affected by his presidential actions. He would move them around from time to time but he always made sure at least 270 electoral votes were in his win column.


Trader Rick said...

If Hillary wins, it won't matter anyway. It will be the end of this republic. Too bad we don't have the technology to go scout out a nice Class M Planet to go to, to start over again. Speaking of Class M planets, it's been almost forty years since we supposedly went to the moon and planted a "waving in the breeze" American Flag on it--and nothing new in all that time Space-wise but a high flying airplane and orbiting space stations--I'm pissed.

Trader Rick said...

He learned to do that when Daily stole the election from him in Shy-town with all the ghost voters...

Goat said...

Don't forget the Mars Rovers and other recent missions.

American Interests said...

Yes, whether we like it or not she could very well win, a fact that GOPS must address with a clear vision.

Some of the latest election outcome predictions cited in foreign news circles would not please Republican supporters, hence:

Democrat nominee: Hillary Clinton
Democrat running mate: Bill Richardson
Republican nominee: Rudy Giuliani
GOP running mate: ?
Ultimate winner: Hillary Clinton
Senate: Four perhaps five Democrat gains
House: six to eight Democrat gains
Number one issue: Domestic homeland) Security

Gayle said...

I'm going to indulge in wishful thinking and say she won't win. It's the only way I can remain partially sane.

American Interests said...

It's over in the Democrat race, Hillary will be the candidate, make no mistake. With the GOP literally eating themselves alive in what is a close race, Hillary holds a strong advantage in primary and general.

This is the way it is at present, there is still time to mount an effective challenge. Let's hope...