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Friday, September 14, 2007

Lower Tier Bloggers And Our Impact

I am working with my friend, Don at Burkean Reflections, on a project of his called "Blog Watch" where conservative bloggers of us lower ranks keep an eye on what our peers on the left are saying and expose them for what they are and to recognize and promote those of us that believe in America and the American conservative movement. He has an excellent post up about the the influence we have even if our readership may seem miniscule when compared to Kos, LGF and Michelle and her team at Hot Air. In the spirit of my comments there, here are three new Barnyard Blogroll members.

An American gal: Big Girl Pants

An interesting Aussie: America's Interests, they are our best, oldest and strongest allies.

And a Missionary mom living in the Amazon jungles of Venuzuela, Jungle Mom,a very interesting and dedicated Lady, my hat's off and Prayers for her.

Update: Another comment from my resident troll, a vile creature: ""keep an eye on what our peers on the left are saying and expose themfor what they are"i can't wait to read my file!KEvron". Don't worry your day is coming and a few of your friends, the one or two you may have. This freak is the epitome of moonbat hate.


Jungle Mom said...

Thank you kind sir!

American Interests said...

In the same spirit "The Barnyard" has been added to my blogroll. Thanks!

Gayle said...

I consider both Jungle Mom and Donald internet friends as I do you, Goat, and I think this will be very interesting. I would join, but can barely keep up with my blogging as it is. Perhaps when things calm down a bit. I wish you, Don, and everyone involved a lot of luck with this and hope it's a roaring success! :)

Goat said...

Welcome to the Barnyard Rita and Ottavio! Its neat to make virtual friends around the globe, it is a small world after all.
Gayle, it will be fun and interesting.

heidianne jackson said...

thanks goat! i've added you as well to my list. what a great read, i'm glad to meet you kind sir!

Goat said...

Thanks Heidi, and you are very welcome. Welcome to my little Barnyard in the blogoshere.

American Interests said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Also, I have finally addressed MoveOn's NY times ad in my latest post titled, Time MoveOn.org moved on.


Goat said...

Thanks Otto, I'll check it out.