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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits:Updated

These are for Gayle to help jog her memory, and a new something to search for on my foothill rambles, covered bridges, and we have a few, this is the Oregon Creek bridge at its confluence with the No. Yuba River.

This is the Bridgeport bridge over the So. Yuba River.
Mike Yon has a new dispatch posted, as does Mike Totten, both are must reading.

The folks at NRO have a symposium on the war in Iraq that is also very good.

Update: From HotAir, John Murtha has really gone off the deep end, the Marine's need to formalize "ex"marine in his case after all the bloviating and lying he has done over the last couple years. Marines don't quit in the middle of a fight or make false charges against fellow Marines as he has repeatedly done.

Update: Mitt's boys work the Romney charm on Greta Van Susteren from Fox News. Dang, his boys are just as polished and polite as their Dad,unlike Rudy's, what's the right got to bash him on, nothing.

Update: This guy is a long time friend of the Barnyard and well worth a visit, a SoCal Sheriff detective with a very good blog. We have a game afoot, fun with trolls, more later.

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Gayle said...

Thanks for the pics, Goat! I love those old covered bridges. They do bring back memories. I haven't seen one for many years. I think the last one I saw was somewhere in Virginia back in the 70's.

Murtha has always been in the "deep end". He'll never climb out of the hole he's in either. I really do believe he's gotten senile.

I've been painting cabinets all day. Well, we took the doors off, and I haven't gotten around to them yet, just painting the inside of cabinets and the frames. I've painted for 9 hours straight and am pooped! I'm only half done. :(