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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekend Rambler: Updated

As usual I had to head into the foothills for a little exploring on the Yuba's north fork up to Downieville, a little tourist trap gold era town that hasn't burnt down that has become a destination for biker clubs and others looking for a beautiful ride, motorized or not. I couldn't find parking so I was unable to get any pictures. It has lots of old buildings that are now little boutique shops, saloons and diners, it is a little gem in the foothills and site of some the richest placer gold finds of the rush.

There is also some renowned trout fishing to be had with easy access. I am generally an ultra-light spincaster but used to do a bit of flycasting when I was younger and just might have to get into it again as it is such a fascinating artform of fishing, especially if you tie your own as you should. You need to be able to replicate the trout's prey at the time and on the spot.

Plus the views are hard to beat!
In the wake of this weeks attempted trashing of our Military folks by the New Republic, Dean Barnett of Soxblog fame has penned an excellent piece for the Weekly Standard on the "9/11 generation". A must read article that clearly shows the professionalism and educated base of our volunteer forces. Unfortunately my back is/was too messed up to serve, high diving accident, or I would be more than happy to go blow away a few jihadi nuts at the risk of being blown up by them.
I will be as brutally honest as I can be, I donot trust Muslims or Islam, I have studied too much of their religion to be able to as a Christian. Yes, I am an islamophobe, I fear it, I do not like what it teaches as it is a religion of subjugation and slavery not freedom, the very opposite of our founding principles. A religion that kills those that leave it is not a religion it is a cult and from what I have so far read of the Qu'ran nothing has lead me to believe otherwise. It is a cult built by the success of a desert pirate and his ability to coerce by brutal force, Sha'ria law.
Oops, didn't mean to go off in that direction but it is titled the Rambler for that and other reasons. The main one being a moonbat liked to accuse me of rambling in my meandering posts so I decided to adopt that as a style and with a little work it is starting to pay off. So I am off on a ramble through the blogosphere having eaten supper and found no old westerns on TV, enough cable access for internet, not TV, if I find something interesting fun or just plain important I will update , later and have a great weekend!
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Gawfer said...

Those are Pictures that stir memories of college in the foothills. Breathtaking for sure and words are hard to find.

I am so fond of that area in the Motherlode, if I could sustain our family, I'd be there in a flash.

Great blog! Oh, and you've found a home on Ika's roll as well.

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice scenery goat man!..dang sorry bout the trackback info..I will get it to u in email..i will!..ha :)

BB-Idaho said...

Not quite sure where that fine country is, but it looks like idyllic mountain scenery. Up this way, ours is going up in smoke and flame; 72 sq miles charred to our south and the air is thick with acrid smoke. Hope yours stays nice and green!

Gayle said...

Beautiful pics, as always, Goat. I know that gorgeous part of this amazing country, and I miss those trees.

I think your rambling style is great. Ramble on, Goat. Regarding Islam, I hear you and feel the same way you do. If you study it enough you realize it fits the description of a cult more than it does a religion.

I loved both of the Gates videos. I saw them somewhere else. Gates was hillarious in the first one and I couldn't help tearing up with him in the second one. Seeing a man cry always does that to me. Well, depending on the man, of course.

Blessings. :)