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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits:Updated

Mike Totten has a new dispatch from Bagdad posted and the news is boring, its good because its boring, no firefights or IEDs just community developement work and the smiling faces of children wanting their pictures taken. The positive developements taking place around Iraq are truly staggering and sustainable if given the time and security to take hold. Its like someone flipped a switch and overnight folks that would have shot at us are leading us to AQ safe houses and weapons caches, we are the peace bringers not the thugs and thieves of AQ. We protect their markets and AQ blows them up. They blew up a hospital today killing women and children Iraqi innocents, these are the folks the Democrats want us to surrender the safety of the Iraqi children over to. There is no shortage of tales about AQ's savage brutality and the people are sick of it even former sympathizers and low level operatives are coming forward to help us now. For anybody to claim progress is not being made is telling a blatant lie.

I notice that it did not come up in the DNC debate last night but Hillary and Joe Biden tiptoed around the immediate swift surrender their moonbat base screams for and Obama came off as the naive, inexperienced, liberal he is, no wonder he is the new Dean of the Nutroots. The questions I have heard were generally as narcissistic and preening as the candidates they addressed and hardly representative of America. I think the idea has merits, as to the format, but it could be greatly improved upon, I believe the GOP has something similar planned and they could learn from this fiasco.

Are they really serious? I saw it called the Seinfeld debate for Seinfeld viewers about nothing. I will have to go find that post as it was quite funny. I hear Sen. Boxer(D.Ca.) is going to Greenland in high summer to watch the glaciers melt as they do every summer in order to state I saw them melting before my eyes, how funny.

From Newt Gingrich, and just take a glance at the comments

Thank Dragon Lady for this one, good tunes.

She also has a great post here.
Newt is sane!

He makes sense!

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