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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July



I hope all have had a joyous holiday, I did, a BBQ with some friends and neighbors. I smoked a pork shoulder roast and cooked some fresh green beans picked this morning, my buddy brought some babyback ribs that we slow cooked as well. The neighbors grilled up some steaks, fried some squash, also fresh picked this morning, and made some smacking macaroni salad. Everything was awesome and the Goat ate too much so here's to ya! Cheers and enjoy the fireworks!

PS: This is my favorite holiday! Have fun , be safe and remember to aim the bottle rockets below the shoulders or is that even allowed anymore? We used to have major battles all summer on the lake, one team in the skiff and mobile the other on the dock or party barge with fixed cover. A typical assault from the water would be a barrage of rockets followed by water balloons as they tried to retaliate, great teenage fun. Cain't have fun like that anymore, nope, we might get hurt. To heck with it, go have some fun and let freedom ring.

This one is good they end with a medley of the Military Hymns finishing with "The Halls of Montezuma" how fitting!.

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BB-Idaho said...

"We used to have major battles all summer on the lake," ..heh, who can forget the sound of a cherry bomb in the bottom of an aluminum boat!