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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Rambler: Updated

Is Osama Bin Ladin dead? I tend to lean in that direction, the footage of him in the most recent tape is almost five years old. He was a major publicity hound till we hammered Tora Bora and nothing new has come from him since. It has all come from Zawahiri of late, even Mullah Omar has been silent. If OBL wants to be a martyr that bad, I am sure he would not have a very hard time finding a Marine, Seal or Ranger team to oblige him. The folks at Hotair have been all over this story and have done a typically superb job. Michelle Malkin put together quite a team, I tell ya. Further excellent reading can be found at Laura Mansfield's on how the jihadi message is spreading. She also has the video if you want to see it, the Barnyard will not aid in the spread of Jihadi propaganda except to link to those that are shredding it.

Good discussion today in the comment section on healthcare and taxation though it looks like my guest was more a curious college student than an informed debater though the conversation was welcome and civil.

I am a Mitt Romney supporter, I don't try to hide that fact, I also do not make a point of bashing fellow GOP nominees, let the best man win. For anyone to suggest a man that is married to his high school sweetheart and a devoted family man with five happy healthy young families sprung from his house doesn't understand family core values is deluded. Mitt Romney has not chased gals around LA or NY, he raised a big happy family and built a highly successful business. Is that not the core values of American society? Faith and family, aren't they the basic building blocks of American society?
I disagree with LDS doctrine, so what, I disagree with portions of all organized Christian religious services and dogmas it does not make him or me any less a Christian. Show me another candidate with his credentials beyond such a slim view of them. So Mitt has moved to the right over the years on the abortion issue, most folks do as they learn more about it and possibly experience one or have children. I look at Mitt's family and how devoted they are to each other and that tells me far more than Fred's trophy wife or Rudy's affairs as to having a better grasp on the core values of the American family and conservatism at its base. Mitt has never supported gay marriage or abortion, in order to save Massachusetts financially he had to maneuver around the ultra-liberal constituency to get elected and he accomplished both.
I seriously doubt we have ever had a more ethically clean candidate than Mitt Romney. He was the first to sign the no tax pledge, is the first to sign on to debates and in my opinion is the man we need to lead America into the new era. I was a Mitt fan well before Hugh wrote his book "A Mormon in The Whitehouse" .
I like Fred and have read all his recent articles and viewed a few speeches and nothing has inspired me where as, Mitt inspired me before he began to run 5 years ago. My coblogger is in Boston apparently hibernating at this time. Mitt has run big money business and done it well, no other candidate can claim that.
Mitt Romney is the social and fiscal conservative dream candidate and we need to get behind him in force. Mitt is the man we need to launch America into the 21st century.
Fred has little to offer, the real challenge comes when the idea man Newt Gingrich makes his decision, then I become a bit torn, I would hope Newt would endorse Mitt and shoot for a high level policy position in that administration but Newt will keep all options open for now. I don't blame him at all.
Mitt as Pres, Fred at VP, I could accept a switch, Rudy at AG, Duncan at State and Tancredo at Homeland Security, Duncan Hunter would be awesome there as well. Huckabee at HHS and make Al Gore the first man on Mars. While the last one is in jest the others are good , though Al on Mars does have its own appeal.


Trader Rick said...

You can call me deluded if you want Goat, but I don't take it personally. I like you and won't call you names.

You say you won't dis other GOP candidates, but you do so in this blog.

I WILL dis GOP candidates when I think they are not good for the party and therefore, the country.

Mitt Romney is a RINO, from where I sit, firmly on the right end of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Fred, Newt and Duncan are not, they are true conservatives...

Way to go for Mitt lucking into a great marriage--A lot of us haven't had that trip. But that's not a qualifer for POTUS in this age of no-fault divorce.

You wrote that Mitt maneuvered around the libs in Mass. Does that mean he fooled them into voting for him--I don't think that's what you meant, but that was the outcome--Pretend you're more liberal than you are to get elected and do conservative things? Does the end justify the means? Not nice. So how do we know his real nature? We don't.

The only attraction for us to Mitt is that he would be infinitely better than anybody the traitor democrats would put up.

Your "demented" friend - no don't deny you were referring to me, it's OK - Trader Rick-- You're welcome at my campfire any nite!

Bar Kochba said...

Any GOP candidate who can take a strong stance on moral issues, against Islamic terror and in support of freedom has my support!

Goat said...

Deluded(confused) and demented(crazy) are different my friend. Yes you are deluded to think Mitt doesn't represent conservative core values but you are not demented enough to support a dem. Fred used to be pro-choice as well and worked for the abortion lobby and has moved into the prolife camp in the last few years as well. Ronald Reagan also evolved into a prolife position, so why does Mitt also moving in that direction disqualify him alone?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Any GOP candidate who can take a strong stance on moral issues, against Islamic terror and in support of freedom has my support! ..me too!..I will email ya bout tb's..! :)

Bot said...

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