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Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Meander: Updated

I watched an interesting show on PBS yesterday about the Mormons and their place in American history, I recommend it as I am sure it will reair. While I completely disagree with the stories of John Smith their place in American history is unique and a deeply intertwined part of it. While much has been written about the early church and polygamy, the belief in polygamy came from their deep ties to the family as the basis of a good and decent society. Here is the kicker, when a Mormon couple gets married it is for eternity not "till death do us part" , the nuclear family is a huge part of their faith. I can say this, everything I have learned about the modern Mormon faith, besides some babbling about golden texts still, is that they are very conservative Christians, very patriotic and down right American as it gets, charitable, hardworking decent folks. Their story in America is America in many ways, a rough one, they were not pacifists like the Quakers and fought back hard leading to their own Exodus to the deserts of Utah, the new Zion. I like the strength they have shown and incredible resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. The Mormon's run a tight ship and there is nothing wrong with that in my book.
The reason behind this meander is my support for Mitt Romney, which grows by the day. Mitt has to be what conservatives love by virtue of the Mormon Church or they would not have let him be the equivalent of a Bishop, that anyone would say that Mitt does not know family values does not know the Mormon Church where the family is sacred. I don't know how much more American you can get than Mitt Romney unless we resurrect Sitting Bull. Mitt is probably the most conservative candidate the GOP has produced since Goldwater and by far the most capable. Did Hillary or Barak spend two years of their youth on a foriegn mission for their church? Did Sam Brownback or Fred Thompson? Have any of them run multi-billion dollar businesses or projects like the Olympics?
I heard some of the DNC debate tonight via Hugh's radio show while I was driving back from an estimate on designing a Louvre type pyramid for an architectural accent and only Hillary and ,cough, Joe Biden made any sense at all. Mitt would destroy these lightweights in debate and win the American public over quickly. He is that 'different' politician that truly wants to help America that has the skills to actually do it.
Dang typing with a faulty space bar is a royal pain when you stink as a typist already so I will go find some video clips of Dem debate absurdities.
Would Southern conservatives support Mitt? Yes, the Mormons are well respected in Dixie, I am an Alabama country boy myself, I just live in California, it is the Sierra that keeps me here.

Wow, what timing, I just answered poll questions on developing one of my favorite stomping grounds, my beloved foothills east of Beale AFB and up against the Spenceville Wildlife Sanctuary. I won't support track homes being built there. The area can't handle it, they can't sell the damn houses they have already built and they want to build more in pristine oak woodlands far from the 'city', this is cattle country, yuppie horse estate country, not cheap cardboard track homes country. It is not subdivision country, I might add that this is a very conservative district in California and that type of development is not encouraged.
Ole Slo Joe Biden actually makes me a Little bit proud of him, he likes to talk but he ain't a complete fool, and Hillary tries to gain a seat on the anti-fool wagon, hey, to fool Bill she must be good at something .............

O this is SWEET!

Yep Hillary for socialism and Silky Pony makes his feminine qualities and Obama makes his vacuousness more obvious. At the end does Kucininich take the usual center right stance on abortion, legal and well counseled?!? I hate the practice but do not think it should be illegal.( I am willing to discuss in the comment section).I can never support aboortion on demand.
You gotta love the Silky Pony

The beer question, who could I have one with? Slo Joe wins by a long margin, dang, that would be fun actually. I want these goofballs onstage with Mitt Romney, now that will be true political theater, I have a feeling Mitt would rise like the morning sun from it. I am biased, Mitt Romney is the man to lead us into a new era. I have zero doubts about that fact and I would not be welcome in the Mormon Church or many churches in the US. I am a heretic Christian, I simply choose to take Christ's hand free of religious heresy and dogma, freewill Christendom. I do know this, the Mormons and Mitt Romney have a very vocal cheerleader in this independant Christian blogger.
It gets better, this is great,


Goat said...

aack aack , dang that is tough for even an iron bellied Goat to handle, uuurrrrppp!

Trader Rick said...

I don't think Conservatives care that Mitt is a Mormon. I agree with you that it shores up his moral credentials. I like Romney, just wish he wasn't so darned liberal. To caste him in the Goldwater vein is quite a stretch, quite a stretch.

Jesus taught us that he wanted Christians to band together in worship and fellowship, not be loners...You know, whenever two of you...

Hang in there, Goat, but don't get so attached to Romney--The republicans aren't going to nominate a RINO, and Thompson is ahead in some of the polls now...And he's now toast, unfortunately because of his National Lampoon's Vacation moment...He is no longer a serious candidate. He's now relegated to the status of fat cousin. Cute, good personality, but we're not taking him to the prom...