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Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Meander

I did take a ramble up into gold country yesterday but found nothing interesting to take pictures of so I think I will take the next issue into wine country, besides I have not been tasting in a while, the new California gold. There are a half dozen viticultural areas within a couple hours of me, all with their specialty wines. I am a fan of big, very bold reds and they are in abundance around here, Zinfandel, Syrah, both Cabs, Pinot and Petit Syrah.
Frankly folks I am a little burnt out on blogging as I have gone at it really hard the last few months and it gets boring to report on the same topics over and over again and it gets harder to find new ones that grab my interest. Plus it takes alot of work and time to put together a well written entry with supporting links that I should be spending building my business not my blog.
Heck even the Democrat's shenanigans in Congress have become predictable, ungrounded and very dull. They aren't going to get anywhere and the endless procession of hearings on every little thing is nuts while trying to railroad unpopular legislation will not win them many friends in fly-over country. Plus their plans to hike taxes big time to pay for their socialist programs won't win many friends either among the workers and investment folks. I want the Gov't to help me by getting out of my way to helping myself through hard work and the fruits of my labor. I want to be in control of my money because I know where I need to apply it for my well being. The collectivist socialists don't understand this concept that if everybody is free to take care of themselves they do better than if they enter a socialist collective that takes care of them instead. There is no incentive to do well, to achieve in a government run society so it stagnates and becomes a cesspool of resentment for those that have done well in free societies and the perfect brine for revolution.
The government cannot give as it has nothing to give without a taxbase and it cannot build a taxbase without a free enterprise ownership based society capable of building wealth through private enterprise and investment in new advances in technology. These advances are not possible without the free market incentive of making a profit and growing a business, hiring and training folks to further grow the business and the economy. To raise my taxes would reduce my ability to hire other taxpayers that would rise in the ranks and pay more than what raising mine alone would have accomplished plus growing my business and like tax-share. That would happen under either a new flat tax or consumption based tax but not under the new plans afoot in the Democrat Congress who plan the largest tax increase in US history while the economy chugs along under steady steam and has whacked off huge chunks of the deficit despite the war and hurricanes. Just another argument the loonbats left has no chance of winning. Dang economics has to be the most of boring rants, one reason I avoid the topic on the main page though if you have a question I will discuss it at length in the comments section as long as the question is legitimate.
To break the boredom some cool videos courtesy of Hotair and a great essay by Bryan and a couple good reads from Benador's Amir Taheri, here and here on the Levant and Iran. Plus a bonus blast at Al Gore and his green cadre of celebrities from the American Thinker.

Link: sevenload.com
For the fun of it this is very good.


WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for sharing!..I will email ya soon as I get a minute to teach ya trackbacks my friend!

Trader Rick said...

Two-Buck-Chuck just won a double gold at a big festival, beating out over 300 other wines in a varietal category...heh heh!

Gayle said...

Angel, I hope you have better luck teaching him trackbacks than I did. I tried! :)

Goat, I hate to disagree with you, but here goes anyway: Your posting on economics is not boring! I haven't found any of your postings to be boring yet. I know you think I wouldn't tell you if I did find them boring, and you're probably right, but I honestly don't find them boring so you're just going to have to take my word for it.

I saw the Bill O'Reilly clip on Fox News yesterday evening and loved it when Michelle called MM a troll. I couldn't bellieve Bill didn't know what a "troll" was when referring to them on the internet. That was too funny! The Penn and Teller video was amazing. They really are awesome. Thanks! :)

Goat said...

Thanks Gayle, Rick, two buck chuck is made by one of the biggest makers out here that buy bottles in massive bulk. There is also a tremendous glut of chardonnay grapes on the market. The typical boutique maker spends more than two bucks for bottle and cork so can't sell that cheap but you can still get fabulous wine for under twenty bucks a bottle.