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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Midweek Must See:Update

I found this link to the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War With the West", from what I saw of the trailer for it, the five bucks for the online stream seems well worth it. I am going to fork up after I post this and watch it even though I already understand the topic quite well and will report back.
I also noted that the recent Pew Poll shows Muslim support for terror bombing way down from a few years ago. I can see why folks that go around blowing up markets and Mosques aren't liked very much.
Update: Get it and watch it, very good
Update: Wow is this powerful, spend a five spot and watch it!
Update: I am going to try and get permission to post some clips, this needs to be seen! Heading for UTube.......

I see Fred Thompson is having trouble raising money for his unorganized noncampaign campaign, donors are not going to dig deep till they know that he his serious and willing to campaign hard. He is coming with an impossibly high bar of expectations to leap over like a GOP Superman with no organization under him. I like Fred but if he wants to swim he has to get his feet wet and not just stick his pinky toe in and say vote for me because I am Fred Thompson. His record as a Senator leaves me with more doubts than Rudy's or Mitt's record, believe me the Dems have been sharpening their longknives and Hollywood is a dirt-diggers paradise leaning hard left. From what I have gathered Fred was a McCain-lite maverick working with the left instead of against it in the Senate though his votes were generally correct. Plus he hasn't been a good orator on the stump, unlike Mitt or Newt.

Update: I have spoken with Nonie Darwish a couple times on my friend Lores Rizkalla's radio show, one of the featured commentators.

Need I say more?!?

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Gayle said...

" I can see why folks that go around blowing up markets and Mosques aren't liked very much." LOL!

I've seen Obsession. In fact I saw it twice. It's very good and very important. I wish every person in the western world would watch it and pay attention! Many of the left though will say it was all fabricated by the government. What morons! They will only admit to the truth of the situation when the islamofascists come after them. Oh well... so many people have to learn important lessons the hard way. Too bad it could be the last important lesson they ever learn!

As for Fred, I'm still skeptical about everyone, especially coming from Hollywood, but then I remember that Reagan came from Hollywood too. Fred may be an exception. I would love to see Newt get the nomination but I don't think he's going to run. There's still a lot of time and anything can happen. When I say I'm skeptical about everyone, it's because I was very enthusiastic about Bush. He has managed to keep us safe since 9/11 but I feel very let down about the borders. I also feel he should have pardoned the two border patrol agents who are in jail for doing their jobs, and I don't understand why he hasn't. I believe President Bush would feel a tad more protective of our southern border if his ranch was on the border as so many ranches are. The problems that they are having is unbelievable.

Have a great day, Goat, and keep up the good work!