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Thursday, July 19, 2007

There They Go Again: Updated

Friday update: Michael has lots more here, you will have to scroll around a little bit but it all there and the American Thinker has a lead on the idiot, the writing styles are similar but the basic lack of milspeak knowledge is different, a tanker knows the limits of tracked vehicles an idiot does not, other than that the guys at TAT could be right.

The MSM just can't stand for any good news to come out of Iraq so they start making stuff up or not fact checking tall tales that fit their narrative too well. This time its a story in the New Republic from a supposed soldier witnessing all kinds of horrific troop behavior ala Jesse McBeth. Michael Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard jumped on it ( here, here , here) and put out the call to the milbloggers and they have shredded it as well. Thank God for the blogospere, if this were as little as a decade ago, this tale may have stuck but not anymore. The response by the Milblogs and others in the Military totally debunked the tale and it was pretty clear that type of behavior would land a soldier in a world of hurt especially mocking a person that had been injured in the war or desecrating children's graves. Their peers would have stomped them silly and then reported them. Since the left has no honor it seeks to tear down those that live a culture of tremendous honor our Military. This is not the same military of the 60's and early 70's full of draftees and unprofessional, it is a very highly trained professional volunteer military that takes alot of pride in that honor to serve America. They do not tolerate actions that portray a breaking of that honor. It supposedly took place at FOB Falcon and so far Goldfarb has found soldiers that served there for the last 16 months and news like that would be well known on those smallish isolated bases, nothing to verify the NR agenda jounalism.
Update: Mike Yon has spent alot of time at Falcon and he weighs in, if this had happened Mike would have reported it. More here just scroll around.

That story about American soldiers at FOB Falcon sounds like complete garbage. I spent time with them this year, and in fact keep them on the front page of my site. 1-4 CAV is an excellent unit. I emailed the commander, LTC James Crider, about the story.

Please put that horrible reporting into context of something accurate. I humbly submit this: Desires of the Human Heart, Part One

Mike has a new dispatch up as well about an extraordinary meeting in Baquba and the awesome progress being made there.
Update II: Amy has video of CNN actually reporting good news from Ramadi.

Update III: The Democrats in Congress just keep trying to do stupid things.
Update IV: Bryan at HotAir is on the track of the above update as well.
UpdateV: I like Mitt's latest ad, though I am admittedly biased, he hits a few key chords in the American electorate. I think alot of folks are greatly underestimating Mitt's appeal untill they get a first hand dose.

Hey, I am waiting with baited breath for Fred Thompson to show up for a debate with Mitt, I like Fred but he comes with an awfully high bar to leap over, the hyped expectations of the 'savior conservative'. I like a Mitt/Fred ticket, ability and stabilty.


Amy P said...

What's shocking about "Shock Troops" is that people believe its true. As a seaonsed military wife, I can tell you that story is utter BS and I'd bet my life savings on it.

Goat said...

I know what you mean Amy, so many folks are so ill informed it is sad. One bright spot is that not that many people will see the article that aren't preinformed on it. Like I said, in the post, thank God for the blogospere. I watch little TV so I don't know if the networks have tried to run with it yet.

alohasteve said...

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Goat said...

No problem Steve, I like your site idea BTW. I am going to send a Talker friend your way, Lores Rizkalla.