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Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Meander: Updated

Hugh has an important interview on Iraq with John Burns of the NYT, a credible and very good war reporter this afternoon on his radio show 3:00pm pac . He will have transcript and podcast posted as well.
Generalissimo Duane opines about what Iraq's soccer victory means to the people, this is a huge morale booster for a beleagured people. It gives them something to be proud of Nationally and a great sign of hope, the team will be big heros as they take their soccer very seriously. Duane is good wordsmith go read it.
Uh oh, Fred has a problem, Michelle Malkin is after him over Spencer Abraham his campaign manager and open border, proislamist panderer.
Mitt Romney adds to his already stellar team of advisors, this is great news for conservatives concerned about the courts and justices, Mitt had to fight with activist judges for his whole term as Gov. so he knows a bit about it.

Mitt Romney was credited with a political coup last Tuesday when it was announced that Wendy Long has joined his campaign as a senior legal advisor and vice chair of his National Faith and Values Steering Committee. Long is a familiar name to conservatives who follow the courts. She is chief counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network, an organization of conservative lawyers that has played a critical role in the confirmation battles for appellate and Supreme Court judges including Sam Alito and John Roberts. She was a litigation partner with Kirkland & Ellis LLP and previously a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and to U.S. Appeals Court Judge Ralph Winter. We talked to her about her decision to back Romney, her thoughts about the future of the judiciary, and why even non-lawyers should care about the courts.

What's that old adage about the company you keep? Fred could of had her, she chose Mitt while Fred has policy talks with Spencer Abraham. Mitt has built an A-list of top conservatives as his team and used his extensive business contacts to build a national network that none of the other candidates can rival. That is why the second tier candidates are having trouble breaking out, they lack the National contact lists of Rudy and Mitt or even Fred. Read the article for some real insight into Mitt and his Judicial philosophy, he is a Cum Laude(with praise) graduate of Harvard's Business and Law schools after all. Mitt's campaign has been running full tilt for a long time, I have been talking about it here and before in Bill O'Reilly's forum for a total of about three years and I am a country boy from Alabama, transplanted in California. I am not an easy voter to win and especially hard to win as an avid vocal fan. Mitt Romney wants to be President not on some of power hunt conspiracy for his Church but out of a true desire to fix what's broken in America. Mitt is the anti-socialist, heck the guy made his millions as a free-market venture capitalist and is squeaky clean.
I look at the candidates accomplishments, what have they done with themselves over the years? That will reflect on their policies as much as what they say .
Hillary: scandal ridden Whitehouse.
B.Hussein Obama: Novice appease them naive lightweight fool.
Edwards:It doesn't exist bumbersticker silkypony, baby channelling trial lawyer.
Rudy: Cleaned up New York and made it a shiny Big Apple instead of a worm eaten one. Solid leadership in the days after 9/11
Fred: Fair Senator, lax on going after Clinton transgressions, go along to get along, after hours cavorter in the DC nightlife.
McCamnesty: Well, need I say more...?!?
Update: Must see Vent Video from HotAir!

Update: Also from HotAir


Gayle said...

Yes, I'm really disappointed regarding Fred Thompson too. I'm really going to be just waiting and watching. It's just too early for me to truly decide. I was backing Fred but am definitely having second thoughts. :(

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