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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Roundup: Updated

Typical of my ascents.

Cool, PBS is showing a documentary " Vertical Ascent" of a Japanese climbing team making an attempt on the Citadel on Baffin Island one of the last great frontiers for climbers. I don't climb at that level so this is great. I have not gotten any harder than class iv. They are doing some serious aid climbing on a face bigger than El Capitan. It has some incredible scenery.
Update: Mike Totten has posted an email from a soldier that had been stationed in Ramadi at its most violent and lends more credence to his and Mike Yon's posts.
Dr. Spencer's weekly dissection of the Koran is up at HotAir and fascinating as always. Know thine enemy and be prepared to defend yourself I say.


For Election 08, Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot has some of the best rundown, insight and inside info available. Fred is coming out of the gate like vaunted race horse with a bum leg. I would like to see him overcome it but I do not see it happening. Mitt Romney seems to be the purebred stallion ready to race and chomping at the bit and ready for some serious competition.

Fred, ohh Fred,

Where are you?

Are you rising from the dead?

Are you to unreal to be true?

Questions that must be asked

For upon you our security must be tasked?!?
A zombie vs. a stallion, I am sure Mitt's team is ready, grin.
Monday Morning Update: Iraq is Asia Cup Champ!

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Trader Rick said...

He may be a zombie, but he's OUR zombie --Conservative Republicans Against RINOS, Inc.

Goat, are you thinking Garmin or Maggie?