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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend Roundup: Updated

Mike Yon has a new dispatch up and like the last one shows what kind of enemy we are fighting to protect the good folks of Iraq from. We have uncovered numerous torture rooms and rescued many folks from their brutal grasp. Mike writes about a village near an FOB that had been overrun by AQ and the results, basically killing all that did not flee and their livestock, boobytrapping their homes then launching missiles from behind the children that remained or just beheading them. Mike reports the good, bad and ugly and this dispatch definately falls in the ugly caregory as he reports from a slaughter zone an the recovery of bodies. To think the Democrats want to abandon the Iraqi people to these thugs just to harm the Republicans for political gain is unreal, completely lacking in any form of comprehension to the savagery of our enemy or any moral fortitude for the fight waiting to come. This is just the beginning unless we squash it like the cockroach it is, now.

If you are not or have not been following Dr. Spencer's walk through the Qu'ran at Hotair you should be and there is plenty of time to catch up if you start now and I would recommend reading the comments as well as he takes questions, previous entries are here. It is essential and critical that we understand and know what the enemy believes and where he gets his inspiration. This is a highly enlightening series and I encourage all visitors here to read it if you haven't already. I know what we are facing, do you? Iran has placed all its cards on the table and shoved its wad into the pot, I guess they forgot poker is a national pass time here and played their bluff a little early, besides we ain't burning, they are and we haven't even played a card yet. Funny they think we are weak, we have been sleepwalking so far, I hear it is not good to wake sleepwalkers. We as a nation need to wake up and realize this is a very real and committed enemy with no national allegiance only a loose radical religious network of crazed jihadis following in the footseps of their pseudo-prophet and false religion.
Update: Further reading can be found here. and here if you want to study up a bit on how to discredit the Qu'ranic believers.


Gayle said...

Excellent post and links too, Goat, and the video is extremely important, but don't be surprised if the liberals say that this man who confessed only did so because he was tortured, so you cannot give validity to what he confessed to!

I'm going to post this link tomorrow "Tuesday" and leave a link back to you.

Gayle said...

I meant to mention that I read Mike Yon's article. He does valuable work and I read him frequently.

Goat said...

Thanks Gayle, I like to know my enemy, how it thinks and lives as a hunter to prey. The muslim holy book is disturbing and what is most disturbing is that most muslims don't know what it says, they are told what it says. I could blog about it every other post but that gets old. "The Sword of the Prophet" by Serge Trifkovic is a very good read on the life of Mohammed the desert pirate and the birth of Islam. My blood already runs ice-cold, my friend, it is pure evil we face. I have not read Rushdie but "The Satanic Verses" may have much truth just in the title. I am not quite yet ready to call Islam the religion of satan but I am very close. Isaiah speaks of one cast to earth and Milton elaborated in Paradise Lost, could Mohammed be the false prophet, sent to rule and fail, to be destroyed in the Rapture? I am not a Biblical scholar but dang things seem to fall into place too well.
Heck, I am just a flyover American out here in the rice paddies and orchards that feed us.

Gayle said...

It definitely does fall into place, Goat. You may indeed have nailed it!

Gayle said...

Off topic... it's pouring down rain again! Sheesh! I still don't have an ark. :)