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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle: Updated

The documentary 8 parts, Part 1

Part II

This is very good, fascinating. Part III

No not the Iron Lady Maggie Thatcher, PartIV

Bias, no, not in the MSM. Part V


As I posted the other night about cheap energy being the key to lifting people from poverty. Part VII

Part VII and affirmations of my arguments the other night made before I saw this.

Dang I must be e real nerd since this is all old news to me but I figured some others might get something from it to bolster their argument against the big green socialist machine. The other socialist vehicle is healthcare, Sicko might be the Friday Frolic topic while healthcare is not my area of indulgence or interest as a healthy uninsured American, remember this Government healthcare is not free healthcare, it is a high taxation boondoggle and Canada and Europe provide the proof forget Cuba, dog's get better care in Canada than people do, they are eaten in China.
For the sake of cute, Dragon Lady has this to offer on Polar Bears, the awesome critters they are. Let's go for a swim.

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