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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits:Updated With Newt Video and Some Queen Cindy

Ax ready to go.

Well I started that age-old summertime chore of cutting and splitting wood for winter warmth and cheer on the hearth. For some odd reason I have never shirked from this chore actually enjoying it to an extent having done it all my life, Pop never had to tell me to split wood, never had to tell me to cut the rounds. It became my duty from an early age and got me out of other chores I didn't like, I knew how to use a bowsaw, sledge and wedge when I was five or six and the adults let me at it glad not to do it. I found a nice down eucalyptus, great wood burns hotter than oak, with about a cord of wood to be had so that has been my work the last couple days, about a month of cozy warmth and low gas bills. I am still learning my stove and I think I had too fast a burn rate in my first year using it, the pyro that I am, I got it dialed in the last few fires of the year and can use its efficiency to the max this winter.

Nothing says summertime better than minor league ball on the radio or at the game, my Rivercats are just taking the field as I type, they have a good club with a few Pacific League Pennants.

I see that we strand you JetBlue has sponsored the moonbat convention run by the moonbat king Markos of the Daily Kos. Michelle Malkin has a great photoshop competition going on what the ads could look like, this is hilarious with some really good entries. I won't link to moonbat sites as I don't want to inflate their popularity and ego. It looks like she is going to start the coffee pot and keep an eye on the Senate retreatocrats for us as well as they plan to debate all night tonight and vote to run away from the terrorists tomorrow. This is a Harry Reid stunt and I hope he gets another good Mitch-slapping. Thank God for this gorgeous little firebrand of a lady, Michelle has well proven herself as an investigative reporter and internet savvy doyen for the conservative movement, remember HotAir is her baby as well and they have done a stellar job.

Mike Yon has a new dispatch up and he tells a story from early this year, though a good read it shows how much quieter it has gotten in Iraq if Mike doesn't have frontline tales. Mike Totten has made it into Iraq and I look forward to his first reports. Noah Pollack is filling in and has some good stuff posted about Israel and the Levant.

Newt talks about what works and what doesn't, private business vs. big gov't, Newt is the only GOP candidate that would make me think about changing my support from Mitt Romney. Newt is our idea man and is very good at articulating conservative basics but can he lead?

Don't miss this clip from HotAir, an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali with a raving loonbat, such class is rare today. She slaps the idiot down with such class it is funny. " You can spit on freedom because you were born free", she plays him for the fool he is.


BB-Idaho said...

I know you hate to hear from us libs, but we don't all sip wine and discuss Camus: personally I like beer and drive a big ol pickup. Just wanted to report good news for you Romney supporters- he leads to polls far and away in south Idaho. The locale is very conservative and very Mormon, which makes sense.
BTW, how does Eucalyptus split, say compared to Maple..we are sort of stuck with Red Pine & Tamarack up this way (cuts with a butterknife, burns like black powder!)

Goat said...

Thats nice to know BB, that Mitt is doing well there. Euc splits better than maple about like Oak or walnut but has its own tricks to it, Sycamore is by far the toughest to spit, almost impossible by hand. Personally I drink beer and drive a 4x4 PU as well though a good glass of red wine with a fat steak is hard to beat.