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Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Frolic:Updated

The debate about the Utube/CNN GOP debate, Hugh Hewitt says stay away, Patrick Ruffini says go, I know this all insider baseball political junky stuff but I am one so... I am still sitting on the fence on this one, it could be interesting it, could be a nutfest attempt to trap the GOP. If the questions are well chosen and not just from a bunch of nutters that would never vote for a conservative no matter their answer, it could be very good. Lets say the folks at HotAir, Pajamas Media, the Victory Caucus, LGF, Indepundit, etc. put together a bunch of high quality v-questions, would CNN play them or just the nutters designed to embarrass the candidates? No questions from non-voters, ie. children coached by their parents, stuffed animals or snowmen, would be a good place to start, bring in someone like Michael Barone to help choose them. What do you think? I'll post a few of the recent submissions and almost every one seems to be made by MoveOn or Koskidz. They are not releasing the codes but they can be viewed here with moonbat 1.
Rudy has said he will not participate and Mitt, who has his own ask Mitt anything forum and is already very net accessible is leaning away from it. McCain has to since he is sinking fast and the Paulites will love it since they are our nutters and can fit right in. I think Rudy and Mitt should find schedule conflicts and Fred should join John and Ron in the box canyon as Hugh has called it since they are the media darlings.
Update: A great video interview from Pajamas Media and WSJ's Richard Miniter with Mitt Romney answering some tough questions can be seen here. Like I said Mitt is highly accessible by the new media and willing to sit down for tough interviews with top conservatives asking the hard questions, Hugh, Laura, etc, and answer them. Where is Fred, silence from the morgue as he arises, can't find him any where of late, no Townhall or radio... hmm?

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Goat said...

I am holding alot back to give Fredheads a chance to make their case that he is a conservative, I have my doubts and plenty of proof to the contrary.Rick, this is your chance tell us why Fred is the best choice?!?