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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekend Roundup

This was the big weekend for all the LiveEarth concerts and it appears they won't gross enough to pay for the carbon credits they will need too offset this tremendous waste of energy on narcissistic woodstockian pipe dreams. It has provided much for entertainment and not quite in the way I am sure they had intended. They were expecting hundreds of thousands to come out for the concerts and billions to watch , turns out hundreds showed up and millions watched. I hear that more folks showed up at Congressional CC for Tiger's tournament than the show in DC. I guess folks would rather watch a golf tournament than listen to overpaid celebrities preach and tell them to conserve energy while they burn enough to power a small town and jet around on private jets. The big green socialist machine made a mistake in enlisting celebrities in this campaign because the intrinsic pampered narcissism of celebrity makes them instant hypocrites on this issue and rock concerts as the worst possible vehicle.
As I have always said, it has nothing to do with the environment, it is all about the politics of controlling the people. If it was about the environment then nuclear energy is the best answer but that is off the table, the socialists understand that the best way to control people is to control their access to energy, cheap energy. Just watch Russia play with Europe over natural gas and Iran playing right along if you don't believe me. Cheap plentiful energy is the secret to lifting poverty around the world not handouts and government doting and nannying. This also demonstrates that the left does not really want to help the poor, by driving up the cost of energy for dubious rewards sometime in the next century and putting it out of reach of some of the poorest of nations.
Furthur Kyoto and similar EUnik plans are designed to ham string the US economy so their pathetic anemic ones will look better not to help the environment.
To this cranky old goat it looks Al 'Chicken Little' Goracle may have jumped the shark that eats him. He and his movement have been so discredited that the hippies and protest crowd have taken up the cause. What better endorsement do you need? Tim Blair, The Corner, Planet Gore, Michelle and Hotair provide more coverage.

Answer the call, I gotta go to the restroom now and leave some methane and ammoniates.


Gayle said...

Great post, Goat. I could have done without the video though! LOL! What a bunch of self-important moonbats. *sigh*

We are planning on buying ourselves a new truck for Christmas, but these people make me feel like purchasing a Hummer instead.

Shameless plug: If you feel like having a good laugh, stop by. :)

Goat said...

Somehow, I don't see all the recent liberal lunacy playing well with the general electorate, Gayle. Heres to hoping it drives the Reagan coallition back together, as Newt says we have to have the ideas not just run on a were not them platform.

WomanHonorThyself said...

haha did u hear they say no more disposable diapers and no more driving either!..ha when will the stars to that!!!!!!!!! LOL