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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Myth Of Obama's Vaunted Intelligence

Much has been written by pundits and blabbed by talking heads across the alphabet networks about how smart Barack Obama is after all he graduated from Harvard Law and was president of the esteemed Harvard Law Review. I have begun to wonder though as he piles gaffe upon gaffe when he attempts to speak from the cuff away from the teleprompter and prepared remarks of hope and change. When answering questions in his rare press avails he often resorts to tired left wing talking points about the failure of the Bush administration's policies and how McCain is just the same without offering anything of substance of his own or dismisses legitimate criticisms as distractions from the real issues. Gone is the eloquence of his prepared speeches and he speaks haltingly with lots of ahhhs and ummms and very often ends up saying nothing at all or getting his facts completely wrong. I am not saying he is stupid but that he is not as smart as his handlers have made him out to be.
Pamela Gellar has posted a devastating article by one of her readers that examines just how Obama came to be president of the Law Review, affirmative action, what he did while there, nothing, and what he did afterwards, not what one who holds that position usually does. The people that have held the prestigious position in the past have gone on to clerk for Supreme Court Justices or at least the DC Appeals Court and then to the top law firms in the country because they want the best and brightest and Obama did not even get an offer. He instead went to a no name firm in Chicago and got involved in socialist community organizing and shady land deals with Tony Rezko.
Go read the whole thing but here is a key excerpt.

Once the glitter and glisten of that title had worn off, the bare reality beneath was that Obama was nothing a politically glib individual able to talk well in abstract - but not produce in concrete. And the judges had recognized that fact by refusing to give him a clerkship. The brutally competitive law firms had also recognized that by not giving him a position at their firms. Therefore, there was only one venue open to him - politics. As the NY Times put it, Obama would be returning to Chicago to "re-enter community work, either in politics or in local organizing."
Such then is the smoke and mirrors of Obama's vaunted 'intelligence'. To this day, he has blown that smoke skillfully in the faces of the liberals to lull them into not asking questions - much the same way the ancient Kings of France blew smoke into the faces of their hunting birds to quieten and lull them into inaction. The terrible problem is that modern bloody birds of prey like Ahmadinijad, Chavez and the Taliban, etc. are not lulled by smoke. To the contrary, these terrorists have mastered the art of blowing their own smoke into the world's face to lull it into submission and inaction. Such years of mastery means these terrorists will make short shrift of the untested Junior senator from Illinois's huffing and puffing. Obama's smoke will be blown back instantly into his face by the hot breath of their hate and insane contempt for human life.
Which will leave Obama with only his intelligence to defend him - and us. Unfortunately, as the above arguments sadly prove, Obama's intelligence itself appears to be smoke. Thus leaving us with a potential Commander in Chief able to defend this country with --- what?

Dean Barnett also has a piece posted at the Weekly Standard that asks How Smart is Obama. As Dean concludes not smart enough and certainly not experienced enough to be Senator let alone POTUS.

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