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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Obamas Are Leaving Trinity United:Updated

Via Ace and Hotair, CNN is reporting that the Obamas are quitting the TUCC congregation after 20+ years of sitting in the pews hearing the same rhetoric that has now become public knowledge. Why would they leave now I wonder after being married there and having their daughters babtized there? Could it be politically motivated? Cap't Ed thinks it will hurt him more than it helps,

The big problem is that the Obamas sat in that church for 20 years listening to these sermons and finding nothing objectionably about them until they got disseminated to the nation.
Second, and potentially more damaging, it shows Obama’s willingness to throw anyone over the side when the boat starts sinking. That won’t go over very well with his core supporters who have admired his loyalty to TUCC, who excused Wright by pointing out that he had retired, and who bought Obama’s explanation of the “wonderful community” and great works of TUCC. Is that now nothing more than a convenient lie?
If the Obamas quit TUCC, they will confirm it as a political problem, and the act won’t convince anyone that they disagree with its rhetoric. They may convince people that he only joined TUCC for its political connections in Chicago — but that doesn’t exactly reflect well on Obama, either.

I pretty much agree with Ed's assessment.
Update: Jim at Gateway Pundit has more including this interesting quote from Obama:"I will not denounce the church. It is not a church worthy of denouncing."

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