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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama Sure Can Pick His Friends

When someone who's actual resume` is as shallow as Barack Obama's runs for higher office on his judgement alone chooses such people as the Revs. Wright and Pfleger as his spiritual mentors for more than two decades and subjects his young daughters to this type of vile racist rhetoric preached from the pulpit one has to wonder about his vaunted judgement. Michael Pfleger has also called for a Chicago gun store owner to be "snuffed out" and here he is at the pulpit of Trinity United this past weekend.

HT: Hotair.
Obama claims he did not know about the vile rants that these men seem to spew on a regular basis but how is that after knowing them for so long? Maybe he paid as much attaention in church as he did in history class yet somehow I seriously doubt that. He has chosen to surround himself with radicals of the far left for most of his life and has indeed sought them out as he wrote in his first book. The amount of information that is starting to come out now that he is the presumptive nominee about his connections to radical communists, the corrupt Illinois Combine, racial grievance mongers and terrorist sympathizers is quite astounding. He is a good looking fellow with a handsome family that delivers prepared speeches with a rare elonquence for sure but when it comes to actual substance there is only air there or typical failed socialist policies of the past.
He speaks of hope and change but has done nothing to bring actual change in either Senate seat he has held at the state or federal level just happily following along with party line votes as the most liberal member, never reaching across the aisle or doing any actual work on tough issues. He labels every criticism as a distraction from the real issues or a distortion without ever taking a stance on any tough issue other than being a strong advocate for socialism and retreat and appease in the face of our enemies abroad that want to see America crumble and fall. Why else would folks like Hamas, FARC, Castro and Chavez be rooting for him to win? They know he actually believes as they do, America, Israel, freedom and capitalism are the root of all that ails the world, as does much of the Democrat party. He is not as the MSM paints him as some sort of post-racial, post-partisan messiah, he is exactly the opposite, a hyper-partisan far left socialist grievance monger who's supporters call those that don't bow down in awe of the Obamassiah, racists.
Update: Hotair has more, Pfleger and "surprise" from the Chosen One.

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Gayle said...

I posted the same video this morning, Goat. Couldn't help myself! This so-called "priest" needs to go. He certainly has to be a great embarrassment to the Catholic Church! I heard he will be reprimanded. He needs to be fired, period!