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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now This Is Interesting

Hmm, I have spent a little time on a couple pro-Clinton blogs, notably Larry Johnson's No Quarter since his readers have linked to me a few times, and reading through the comments they seem to dislike Obama as much as those of us on the Right do. This is not the irrational spewing I have seen at Kos or other pro-Obama sites but solid pragmatic support for their girl, Hillary, along with an overwhelming dislike for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the do nothing Congress with strong support for McCain if Obama gets the DNC nomination.
I am not part of Rush's Operation Chaos and did not particularly agree with it since I don't like it when they play in our primary process but this is really interesting in that the Democrats are really tearing apart at the seams over the Obama Clinton split. I guess noone likes to be called a racist just because they don't fall down in awe of the Obamassiah, from what I have seen it looks like Hillary has what is left of the old school Scoop Jackson Democrats while Obama represents the noisy moonbats of the new old left socialist democrats of the Euroblend.


heidianne jackson said...

hillary as part of the old school democrats. um, no - she's just not quite as far left as obama, but she is no scoop jackson, either.

heidianne jackson

Goat said...

Heidi I know she's not but that seems to be her base for some reason. Hillary is a known factor while Obama is the ???????. I do rather begrudgedly admire her tenacity though, that's why I would rather take on the empty suit. I have been engaging some Clintonites and they are adamant that if it isn't Hillary then they will vote McCain over the Obamassiah. They dislike him as much as we do.

RightWingRocker said...

Doesn't matter.

Unless the Republicans wise up and get a real candidate, we're gonna have a nutbag in the White House no matter who wins.


Gayle said...

I don't agree with Rightwingrocker. McCain is not a nutbag! He has already proven himself to be a man of character and a patriot. No, I don't agree with him on all his stances on social issues, but I do agree with him 80% of the time. Reagan said we should feel comfortable voting for someone we agree with 80% of the time. I can't find the quote but I remember the speech. McCain is lightyears more preferable than Obama, and even Hillary is better than Obama, although I could never bring myself to vote for her.

Our best scenario is for Obama to win the primary. McCain will eat him for lunch, and many Dem's will vote for McCain, especially if Hillary has the popular vote.