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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aach, Barf: Thomas Frank Is An Idiot Elitist

I don't think I have ever read a bigger pile of condescending tripe as this since I read Marx and Nietzsche a few decades ago. Yes Mr Frank I am bitter because idiots like you continue to pollute the media. I am bitter because my state run by liberal Democrats continues to drive away jobs through over taxation and regulation. I am bitter because the homosexual lobby is trying to force their agenda down my throat as normal and benign when it is not. I am bitter because you and yours want to restrict my ability to protect myself and those I love through gun ownership. I am bitter because the open borders lobby has no respect for our laws and sovereignty. I am bitter because God has been stripped from the public sphere and those of us that believe are treated as rubes by the enlightened moonbat fools like yourself.
I am bitter because idiots like you want people like me, a small business owner, to lose faith in the American dream and instead rely on the government to provide all my needs. Sorry but that is not going to happen. I believe in America , its people and the incredible resilience and ability of their vigor for a better way of life free of the trappings of the welfare state. Well Mr Frank here is the virtual finger from a small town living , gun owning, self employed, God fearing, America loving patriot, go f**k yourself and that donkey you are riding.


Trader Rick said...

Just in case you thought the new ownership would change the direction of the WSJ's opinions...

Aurora said...

Goat, nice rant. I think any Conservative would agree with every word. This clown sounds just like Obama. Marxists seem to be made with the same cookie cutter these days.