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Saturday, April 19, 2008

US Army Chorus Greets The Pope

In case you missed it, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", this my favorite hymn next to "Amazing Grace".

If this doesn't give you chills you might be a Democrat.

Happy Patriot's Day!
"What a glorious morning this is!"

-- Samuel Adams (to John Hancock at the Battle of Lexington,
Massachusetts, 19 April 1775)


suek said...

I don't know anything about MP3 downloads - but if you do, you might be interested in this site. Guess I'll have to talk to my kids - I haven't done anything with the music download stuff!


If you click on the "enlarge photo", you can see the medallion on the lower right says "Army Foundation"...Guess I need to find out a bit more about that as well!

Jungle Mom said...

I got the chills, so I am ,gladly, not a democrat!

Gayle said...

I did miss it, Goat, so thanks for posting it. Awesome! :)

Tapline said...

Goat, That old familiar lump in the throat routine. I also missed it on TV....This was fantastic......stay well....

Goat said...

Yes it is pretty awesome isn't it, I LOVE that hymn!

Anonymous said...

is it possible to download this song to a CD???