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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Have they deleted Songbirds or my request in religion for a John Paul title to read? I did not write the title down as I was not expecting to be deleted. Please help on this one, as I really am looking forward to reading some of his opusi(sp?). I have read much of his shorter works and am very intrigued. I have really liked what I have read. I am a confirmed Episcopalian so I understand the Catholic ceremony. I have not attended since they confirmed a homosexual deviant.. I would have to say, the Catholic Christmas Mass is one of the most moving experiences I have had, a special thanks to a Young Life friend ! If somebody has it I'll link their site, Young Life, that is.

PS: As soon as I figure out how I will post pictures of the Cathedral stained glass job I mentioned in the FBZ, stunning work. I know where I will be hearing Handel's "Messiah" . I spent a few months of my life helping preserve millions of dollars worth of the Lord's art literally on my knees 8 stories up . I will get pix uploaded soon, any of my friends have any help to provide on this? I am not a techie either, LOL.


Sheepdog said...

"Songbirds, Stray Cats and Havaheart Traps?!?" and "Which book by John Paul II Should be First Read?" are still up. They have not been poofed. Would you like me to e-mail some of the recommended book titles? It sounds like you were doing a little Michelangelo-like work, huh? Your post made me think of Charlton Heston in the 1965 film "The Agony and the Ecstasy".

Goat said...

Please do Sheepdog! To see the Cathedral now and when we first started, it is stunning. It is a massive restoration project to a 150 year old building and the results are phenomenal You can send the page URL and I can read it.

Sheepdog said...
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