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Monday, June 20, 2005

Official Notice

The word came down from on high at the FBZ, I am terminated. The funny part is they screwed up where I posted what, see if you can spot it. If you wish to comment email me goats_barnyard@msn.com, for your own protection, they can't censor you there as it is private. They will use your words in other forums against you as grounds for termination. This is against freespeech and totalitarian in concept. They want their little mice running around happy to be only there. I don't want back in that type of situation, they can't touch me now. Somebody send me SFC's site addy. Here is the termination letter in full:

Dear Greg Balch,
THe following email is the termination email that was sent to goat_gruff@msn.com.A credit for the remainder of your membership was credited to you on June 17, 2005 for $0.33.
Dear Greg Balch,
The following post in the BillOReilly.com Message Board has been found to be in violation of our Terms & Conditions. Reply:
Care To Enter The Barnyard??? Posted By: Goat Gruff Date: 15-Jun-05 21:07 This is for now the Conservative escape from Bill O'Reilly's forum. I plan for it to grow and will appreciate input as I learn. I am a conservative Christian that believes in free,open,honest discussion about anything gardening to climbing/mountaineering to politics.
Reply: A Military Invasion of the USA How Would You React?!? Posted By: Goat Gruff Date: 15-Jun-05 21:30 Hey friends, my blog is up, I am just learning it but it is open for comment at http://www.goatsbarnyard.blogspot.com/ . Wes, you raise some great questions,thanks, I hope you post this info to my blog. Personal carry choice, 10 mil Glock. Gangbangers aren't completely ignorant, they know take down power.
On http://www.goatsbarnyard.blogspot.com/ OK, the blog is up and running, http://goatsbarnyard.blogspot.com/, or if you wish a direct link,"my own Barnyard". Design ideas are welcome and will be discussed, it is meant for us FBZ conservatiaves to discuss news, views and strategy for moving the conservative movement forward.
Terms & Conditions User Agreement:
"You agree that you will conduct yourself in a mature manner that lends itself to civil discourse, and that you shall use BillOreilly.com for lawful purposes only. You also agree that you will provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration process. You also agree to update that information as necessary to maintain its accuracy. If your behavior leads to complaints from other users, is deemed in the discretion of the employees, management or staff of BilOReilly.com to be harassing or objectionable or you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or if BillOReilly.com has reason to believe such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, BillOReilly.com has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you any or all current and future use of any of the Site, or the services BillOReilly.com offers, without any further obligation to you.." Due to your continued inappropriate postings on the Message Boards, and complaints from other Premium Members, we have made the decision to cancel your Premium Membership to the BillOReilly.com website.----------------------------------- Thank You, Customer Service TeamBillOReilly.comTicket#:(=)-308027482890047971(=)-----------------------------------Thank You,Customer Service SupervisorBillOReilly.com

Update: I find their reasoning quite thin, I have free speech away from their zone and in their indictment they quote from my site and threads as if it is threatening to them. This is all they could come up with?!? Threatening and removing people who post on other boards is the last straw. Monitoring peoples thoughts and expressions away from their private nazi coccoon is wrong. They just martyred my site, it is the FBZ underground, now

Update: Post your comments here only if you have a different nickname. Sheepdog, I need your e-address.

Update: if some one sends me the URL of a particular page I can read it. If I have a willing agent the Goat's voice will not be completely silenced in the FBZ. Use my page as an info link to what our conservative issues are. More links are coming, busy, busy, busy.


Sunny Mary said...

Goat, I was not aware that you were complained about from numerous other PMs. You have always been a curteous gentleman. God bless.

Goat said...

Oh, I know who did Mary... Thank You very much for the compliment, from you it means a great deal, Thanks!

Goat said...

I ran the immigration knuckle draggers out of the politics forum so they had a vendetta,I know how that group works. They used the court instead of the people. I had clean threads with backed info and my opinion, I even would add, IMHO. What they have done to me so far is blatant suppression of free speech!

SFC (R) L said...

Dawn breaks

Sephiroth said...

Goat, that's the same email they sent me, claiming I was getting complaints after I confronted them on terminating me for changing my email address:|

K. Bell said...

It is all beyond belief. Seph, are you saying that you have also been banned from the FBZ?

Sephiroth said...

yeah, Kay, I joined the ranks of the other conservatives that got the boot. Probably for the same reason as Goat got it, for posting my blog site to show Renee and Dorothy pictures of my son.

Goat said...

Welcome! K Bell, whistles and confetti, to the conservative outpost, have fun and post away.