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Friday, June 24, 2005

Tell'em Col North !

I love it when he tees off on blame america firsters. He is right these people are idiots with no basis in historical reasoning,or truth.
Read it:

June 24, 2005
Words Have Meaning
By: Oliver North
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Some people just don't get it.
John Kerry couldn't figure out why his fellow swift boat veterans attacked him so vehemently after launching his presidential campaign with that "reporting for duty" line.
Jane Fonda confesses to being "befuddled" about why Vietnam vets, many even older than she is, hurl epithets -- and more -- when she shows up to hawk her books.

Update: OOOHRAAA! to reader HarryO and his son . A citizen's Salute and Thank You both !

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HarryO said...

Ollie North, I love him - he really has a love for and loyalty to America. I enjoy the "War Stories" series he hosts. Now that said, here is the problem: "California's Dianne Feinstein now claims that things might get better if President Bush gives 'regular progress reports to Congress and the American people,' and says of Bush, 'It's his war.'" The 9/11 attack was against the US, but, it's President Bush's war! As a Vietnam Veteran who has a Marine son who has been to Iraq twice, these comments from the left make my blood boil - I better stop here because I am not thinking of nice things to say...