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Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Kind of Preacher

I would love to hear one of Doug Giles' sermons, his articles carry so much moral punch. The rest of the series can be found at Townhall's archives.
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This is the fourth installment in my Developing The Disaster Master Mind© series. I’m praying that you are well on your way to a completely screwed up life after just reading and obeying the first three of the 10 habits of the Decidedly Defective People©. If success is still looking like it might attach itself to you, do not despair, stay the course and chaos can be yours, too. Be patient, as fiascos take time and demand dedication in order to set in motion the forces for failure; therefore, be vigilant and the repugnant life will be yours before you know it.

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gabrielle said...

I believe I came to know Giles from one of your posts. After reading one of his articles I put him right in my favorites file.He's great. I intend to buy his new book.