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Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Father's Day Salute

I lost me pops a couple of years ago after a valiant battle with cancer. He was a former marine sgt and one awesome HS math teacher. We had our ups and downs over the years and I finally earned his respect and our friendship grew through many many rounds of golf, both of us nearly fanatical. He was a true leader inside the classroom and out. I am told I am just like him, a massive compliment. I will always miss his wisdom.
It is a shame the staggering percentage of our nation's children that are growing up in fatherless homes. The percentage of juvenile delinquents without dads is around 90%, by dads I mean responsible ones. Those that get up and go to work and bust their tail to make a life for that precious gift they were given by most preferably a loving devoted wife.
I have no children personally, a wonderful gorgeous niece, though my exwife had two boys. I coached the elder's (15) soccer team and taught her how to score the younger's(12) baseball games. There is nothing like little league ball with a good concession stand, great burgers and fries, and some avid young atheletes giving it their best. I have coached in soccer camps and refereed youth soccer and basketball for extra cash, you get the rabid parents there. I have one observation from those years of working with the youths and parents:

Where were all the Dads? Not at the games, Not on my call lists ?!? I don't know?

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