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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Sen. John Kyle on the left's new crying button. The left just does not get it .
Read it here.

Those who remain in detention - a tiny fraction of the 10,000 enemycombatants we have picked up over the past few years - are terroristtrainers, bomb makers, extremist recruiters and financers, bodyguards ofOsama bin Laden, would-be suicide bombers, and so forth. Because theyindiscriminately target civilians and are not fighting for anotherparticular country, among other reasons, these individuals do notqualify for the protections of the Geneva Conventions. Nonetheless,official U.S. policy is to apply Geneva standards, including access tolawyers, Red Cross visits, and so forth. Every single detainee receivesa new review every year to determine whether he still poses a risk. Thatwould seem to be a reasonable standard for a country at war, and surelya credible "plan" for "handling" their cases.

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gabrielle said...

Too bad Israel doesn't have them in detention.What short term memory loss for those who do not recall the suffering faces of those who were beheaded and the grief of their loved ones.These poor excuses for human beings have probably never had it so good. I understand the new proposed facility will cost a mere 500 Mil.