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Friday, June 24, 2005

Early 08 Discussion, GOP Possibilities ?!?

I have heard Romney, Bill Owens, Senator's Allen, Frist and McCain and others on various radio hosts programs and all are very impressive. I believe The GOP has the deepest well of talented and driven conservative leaders it has had in a very long time. The primaries are going to very interesting and alot of great ideas are going to be presented to the american people while the Dems rail and bloviate about Pres. Bush . While supporting him we alse need to be formulating and activating discussion groups at the grassroots level about 06 and 08. We cannot relax as the latest horrendous ruling from the SCOTUS shows. We have no property rights if your local developer wants it and can bribe your city council enough to condemn it. There are a couple of Rinos and red state dems up next cycle. That last ruling is a wake up and call to true public expression. Our right to vote.
Fellow conservatives, we cannot sit down, fire up that keyboard, quit being politically shy and correct, even the nicest dogs become vicious when you seek to cage them and take the hard earned bone away. Over my dead body and cold hand will the government remove me of my property without just compensation and a cut of the millions to be supposedly made.
The blogs I have linked on the side bar offer much better analysis than I can. Hugh Hewitt is a constitutional law prof. The guys at powerline are all attys. they will probabley have direct links to the various opinions of the judges. I'll post the link to the opinions of the judges when I find it as update.

Update: hattip: Religious Freedom Coalition

Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) was one of the elected officials who attended the Religious Freedom Coalition reception on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, June 21st. While there he talked briefly about the reintroduced Pledge Protection Act. The bill protects "under God" in the current Pledge of Allegiance from the purview of federal courts. His bill was passed by the previous session of the House. Senator Brownback, who was also present at our reception Tuesday night, will support the bill in the Senate. The chief Senate sponsor is

Update: From The Opinion Journal.

After celebrating the Supreme Court's decision yesterday to effectively give local governments carte blanche to seize land for private development, some local officials began quickly moving to use their new unlimited authority. Officials in the beachfront town of Freeport, Texas, announced they would move forward with plans to commandeer property owned by two seafood companies in order to allow the construction of a 900-slip private marina. Freeport will even be loaning the developers $6 million to finance the project, and if it fails the town won't be getting its money back. What is certain is that the displacement of the two seafood companies will cost scores of jobs.
The Supreme Court's decision, by a narrow majority with Justice Anthony Kennedy as swing vote, has prompted state Rep. Frank Corte, a Republican from San Antonio, to propose a state constitutional amendment limiting the power to condemn private land for use by other private entities. He says the amendment is now necessary in order to "limit a local governmental entity's power of eminent domain, preventing them from bulldozing residences in favor of private developers." No doubt there will be similar moves in other states as voters wake up to the realization that the Supreme Court has granted revenue-hungry local governments more or less unlimited authority to seize homes and businesses in order to achieve a "higher use" of the property.
-- John Fund


Cindy duPont said...

We own an oceanfront beach house at Holden Beach, N. C., a small, still-rather-undeveloped "family" beach.
Interesting development: the east end of the beach is eroding faster than the Army Corps of Engineers can replenish it. In fact, I've seen the second row beach houses become oceanfront houses slowly over the last twenty years, with a huge spurt from Hugo, Andrew, and other hurricane biggies. My house is on the far west end of the beach, and has been experiencing just the opposite...the beach has been building up at the same rate or more as the other end is dying. Wanta guess where their sand is going? We have a boardwalk from my porch over the dunes to the beach, with a huge square deck overlooking the beach.
We've had to lengthen this boardwalk at least 50 feet so far, and there is a fresh crop of dunes this year, adding another fifty or so feet. My 325 ft. deep lot is now around 700 ft. deep. Had we not been deeded land "to the low (or
high) tide line", some developer could come along and build another house in front of ours. This new ruling takes away my security against the eventuality of this happening to us. ...doesn't it?

Goat said...

Cindy, It sure looks that way. Can I come play some golf? Untill that day comes, enjoy it !

Sunny Mary said...

Cindy, I wish you luck, but I don't know how you can successfully fight the courts.....especially since this ruling came from the Supreme Court! Isn't that the place of last hope for the people when an injustice has been done? Now what do you do when the supremes ARE the injustice?

Goat said...

We vote Mary and we support federalist constitutionalists. As I said in a previous screed. We don't have time to rest.I will add, send your support to individual candidates,not the GOP general fund because they support the likes of Lincoln Chafee.

Cindy duPont said...

I've always felt that land is the only true wealth. It is finite; it is tangible; it always appreciates; it can produce income; or, ultimately, it could produce our food if necessary. My husband and I have several resort rental properties. In fact, we close on an Outer Banks house, our seventh, tomorrow. (by proxy...too far to drive) This latest Supreme Court ruling is definitely giving us at least slight pause to reconsider our options. We'd like to THINK we'll be safe from encroachments, but some of our properties would make some greedy Snidely Whiplash salivate. At the very least, it makes one paranoid.

Sheepdog said...

Cindy: I've been to Holden Beach, NC at least five times with friends and family. The homes I've stayed at were about 300' or so from the ocean. As I haven't been there for about five years, I'm wondering what has happened since? Anyhoo, many fond memories.