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Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Good Sunday to All

Lilecs was on a roll on his blog and Hugh has a score of great links up. As always Mr. Hanson is right on the money and more can be found here , here and here.

Went for a sunday leg stretcher along a nice creek that has a very photogenic set of falls and mini canyon. There are lots of really neat rock formations and plenty of inviting swimming holes to cool off. Cool, dripping, hidden grottos with ferns and mosses not found just a few yards away. My favorite spot has a rock promontory that a short set of falls breaks over in many fascinating ways and places into a nice large pool. I saw what I believe to be my first freshwater otters moving across some open rock about fifty yards away, it would be an ideal canyon for a pair. I see plenty of fish and crawdads and it is in a wildlife refuge with a large lake a few miles down stream . A great place to cool off and meditate on the beauty of His creation.

Update: If you have never read or heard James Lilecs on Hugh's show take the opportunity. Here is a sample:

"Orchestrated? You really have to believe in all sorts of deep dark conspiratorial drivel to think that there was a coordinated effort. Apparently they believe that there’s a vast, well-oiled propaganda distribution machine with a big red handle in Karl Rove’s office; he throws the switch, and the information courses out to the talk shows and the blogs. You can think this if you wish, but you look foolish before anyone who has any experience in, oh, talk radio and blogs. It doesn’t have to be coordinated, because – and here’s the key point the editorial writer might want to consider in a calm moment – some people are actually honestly irritated by Durbin’s comments, and came to the conclusion on their own, without having their puppet strings yanked. True. And those people, thus irked, set about to communicated their irkedness to others, sometimes by the use of a voice-amplifying device called “a microphone,” or by the keyboard-input devices attached to their personal computers. Often time one would refer to the other – not because the tickertape in the corner clattered out a command to add another link to the right-wing daisy-chain noise-machine, but because a new point had been made, a telling quote unearthed, a common suspicion eloquently phrased."

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