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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Demo Dick Durbin

I can't believe this guy on the floor of the senate making these kinds of asinine statements comparing us to the Nazis and Communists. Ann Coulter had a good article on it today on many sources and as always my man,HughHewitt is right on top of it a transcript is available at his site at radioblogger. I know I am sure not a Nazi or Communist, do the Dimwit dims think they can just insult Christians and Jews in this way and demean our military which is the model of honor and decency. It is this retoric that drove me from a centrist independant deep into the GOP tent. The only way to stop Islamic terrorists is to 1: Kill them 2: Inprison them, I prefer the former to the latter.


gabrielle said...

Sounds like SEDITION to me.Durbin is now spinning out of control.The DEMs seem to have severe foot in mouth disease. Must be contagious.Durbin is the Wip of the Senate.Leadership very much in question.

Goat said...

To top it off, his non apologies, his retoric is below board on all counts. He should be censured by the senate

Sheepdog said...

IMHO, both Durbin and Kerry should be disqualified from serving in the Senate and removed from office for committing seditious and/or treasonous acts. Censure is too good for both of them as far as I'm concerned.